Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Bargains, Blate and Brunch

Jul 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Bargains, Blate and Brunch

Happy Monday and happy short week!
I am so excited for the 4th!!
We have lots of fun things planned and I can not wait for Wednesday at 5 to get here to start those celebrations!

But first, let's talk weekend happenings.

Friday night I managed to dodge the downpour and get in a nice run.
Does anyone else think that working out on the weekends should burn double the calories and count for double the miles ran?

Saturday Katie and I headed to Columbus bright and early to get our shopping on!
We headed straight for the Discount Fashion Warehouse (think Limited brands- Victorias Secret, Express, Limited, etc in a mega outlet setting).
We both walked away with some great deals for not a lot of money.
Thennnn it was time for our blate with the adorable Ms. Keep Calm and Carry On herself (and Billy!).
To say we were excited is an understatement!
I can't believe we live this close and were just now able to get together BUT, regardless it happened and it was amazing!! 
We met at Coopers Hawk and had a delicious lunch, glass of wine and great conversation.
I am happy to report that Katie is just as sweet and genuine in person as she is on her blog.
And adorable I might add.
Those great ootd's she always posts...even cuter in person!
Now we just need to get them down to Cincinnati! 

And of course we had to grab some Jeni's while in town, because it would just be wrong not to.

I'm sure I've said it before but if not- if you have the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers DO IT.
It has never failed me and it is always a great time!

Sunday Mister and I managed to cross a few things off our Summer Bucket List and had brunch at Melt and explored downtown a little. 
We also explored Nordstrom Rack where I picked up a really great 4th of July shirt that I can't wait to debut. 

Add in a little pool time and 4th prep and that concludes our weekend!

How was your weekend?
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Helene said...

You girls are all so gorgeous! Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome weekend! Would have loved to go shopping with you ladies :) I hope Wednesday 5 pm comes quickly for both of us! So happy this is a short week, yay!

Unknown said...

Ohhh looks like a great weekend!!!! You look precious!!

Candice Williams said...

Wow that sounds amazing. You always have the best weekends!!

Katie said...

:) you got jeni's! isn't it so good?! yum yum. SO happy I got to meet you and Katie..felt super natural and hopefully you guys didn't mind Billy crashing our partay! xoxo

Casey said...

Totally agreed on weekend workouts counting double! Your blate outfit is so cute!!!

Allison said...

Such a fun weekend. And any workouts over the weekend should most definitely burn double calories! Haha. If Katie comes to Cincy, we should all get together! :)

The Southern Thing said...

Looks like y'all had such a fun weekend! Yay for blates :)

Samantha said...

Running on the weekends should count for triple. I'm struggling to get my butt off the couch on a weekday, much less a weekend! Good job!

Holly said...

Looks like you ladies had fun! Cooper's Hawk is the best! Maybe next time you and Katie come to town we can meet up! Isn't DFW awesome?! I haven't been there in forever, might have to change that this weekend ;)

Bri said...

Love blates! They are the best! And my quads STILL hurt from Saturday's workout, so it better have counted for double! Ha! :)

Joy said...

I had two blates last week and LOVED every minute of it!!! So much fun to have a connection with someone and then actually MEET!! Can't wait to see this shirt you're talking about!

Sami said...

Love the blate! You girls are too cute! Also, that brunch looks ahhhmazing! Can't wait to see your shirt for the 4th :)

Tami said...

Love your outfit in your blate photo! That necklace is sooo cute :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I also adore that outfit of yours! We had a great weekend as well, but yours sounds fabulous!

Jodi said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. I love blogger meet ups! Katie is the cutest and I always love her clothes!! That outlet store sounds amazing. Wish we had that here.