Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: A Day Late

Jul 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: A Day Late

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday...we had quite the weekend and relaxing won out over blogging Sunday night.
Moving on to that great weekend...
Friday I helped Bethany set up for her wedding reception/celebration and then headed to Lowes to pick up some paint for my bathroom.
All was going well...and then it wasn't.
I came home, said hi to my boys, sat my paint can down to pet Floyd.  
I then went to pick up the bag with the can, it slipped and the can fell over.
Not a huge deal you would think....
WRONG. Big, huge, deal and MESS.
The lid wasn't on tight enough and the can opened and PAINT WENT EVERYWHERE.
Thankfully, it fell on our ceramic tile and it was a light color.
Things could have been way, way worse. 
I contacted Lowes via Twitter and on the phone and I was very impressed with their customer service.  They ended up giving me (a nicer) new quart of paint. 
The real kicker is Mister was waiting on me to get home because he had been working all evening to surprise me by taking down everything in my bathroom and taping it all off like a rock star. I totally ruined the moment by yelling profanities in the kitchen.  However, all of his work did not go unnoticed, thanked or appreciated! He is a gem!
Saturday started bright and early with a new (to me) running club.  It was humid and hot and hard but I did 6.5 miles before 9am and was pretty happy about that.
The rest of the day was full of house stuff/DIY and two parties that evening.
One being Bethany's wedding celebration (!!) and then a party at work.

Sunday was all about celebrating Katie's birthday with DELICIOUS brunch at Taste of Belgium.  I finished up my bathroom (reveal later this week) and for dinner we celebrated with National Ice Cream day at Graeters!

Phew and I'm tired all over again!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

The Luna bar winners are: Caitlin and Shannon! Congrats ladies, I'll be in touch!


Anna @ A Dash of Quirky said...

Floyd looks annoyed that he has no ice cream :) Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Candice Williams said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend

Maddy said...

First time reading, love your pics! Your basset is such a sweetheart! :)

Good job on the running club, I've been fitness-ly-lackluster lately. Need to get back in gear.

Kait said...

Where is F's ice cream cone? "Riscuse me, ris isn't fair."

Unknown said...

Don't you love when companies have great customer service!!! It always the BEST!!! And then we get to brag about them online and the circle of life continues (insert Lion King song here!)

Looks like a great weekend!

Pamela said...

Ah, Floyd in the bathtub!! Precious. All the food looks so good!!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Three cheers for great customer service!! And for not spilling the paint on carpet, that would have been awful.

katelyn w said...

Run clubs have totally changed my life! I joined one, and started running exponentially more, then anytime i travel, someone knows someone who runs with a group there, its pretty awesome. Not to mention long saturday runs are much easier!

Bri said...

Wowserz!! What a weekend! And you even threw in some running? I don't even run on days I have absolutely nothing to do... sooo... yeah. haha ;)

Allison said...

So glad the paint disaster was easily fixed...that could have been BAD news! And I want to go back to Taste of Belgium ASAP. Yum!!

Miranda Pridgeon said...

Floyd is so helpful making sure you paint correctly! I'm glad that your paint mess wasn't worse than it was. I would have been yelling profanities as well!

Meg O. said...

What a fun weekend!!! We had a similar paint situation.... except the paint spilled on CARPET!! It was horrible!! We ruined a shop vac sucking it all up (although worth it). Thank goodness that fell on tile and that's awesome that Lowes was so nice to help out.

Sarah Tucker said...

The open paint can has happened to me as well. Thankfully I was outside, but it went all over my leather flip-flops and legs. Definitely not fun, but I'm happy it was only on tile! And a new can, score!