Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Jam Packed

Jul 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Jam Packed

Somehow with just about 0 plans this weekend we managed to jam it full of summer adventures.
Friday night Floyd and I took a happy hour stroll around the neighborhood after work.
Then when Mister got home we headed over to Whole Foods for their Friday night wine tasting.  We have been talking about going to it forever but just now made it there. We had a such fun (and delicious) time and I'm excited to try it out again! It's a perfect cheap date night, $5/person for 5 samples of wine and food paired with them.  And you get to keep the wine glass!

Saturday I went to City Flea with a friend then Bethany came over and we headed to the pool!
Saturday night we went to an impromptu dinner party with friends and took Floyd.
He wore his new bow tie from Bow Wow Couture and, I think, looked like quite the gentleman.  (Psss Bow Wow Couture may make an appearance on the blog here soon with a giveaway...maaaybe.)

Sunday was errands, errands and more errands.
And in super excited news, I finally got a Target Redcard.
I feel like a real, live adult now.
Floyd was super helpful unloading all of my groceries and Target goodies.

Another summer weekend in the books!
We have an exciting week coming up here at TBC this week, I wouldn't miss it if I were you ;)

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Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Baxter totally needs a bow tie.

Hey girlie! We are planning a trip to Cincinnati in August and I was hoping that you could recommend some things to do? We have never been! Thank you! :D

Anne said...

Ooh, that is a great and inexpensive date night idea - will have to remember for later... And I love how exciting this Target news is. I frequently consider one but am waiting for when I really do a big purchase (like maybe nursery stuff!).

Allison said...

Glad you finally made it to a Whole Foods Wine Tasting! I knew you'd love it. So cheap and fun. :)

Kait said...

Ohhhh I like exciting weeks!

k8te said...

that sounds like so much fun at Whole Foods!

oh, and that Floyd is so dapper. I think Hen needs an (XL) bow tie too!!

Margaret said...

We live so close to a Whole Foods and have yet to do the Friday night wine tasting! Really need to do that sometime!

Candice Williams said...

Sounds like fun! And god bless the target red card

Jodi said...

I didn't know Whole Foods does wine tasting!!!

Great bow tie!

Jen said...

Oh I love the Whole Food's wine tastings. I agree, it's a great/cheap date night!! Oh and I totally need to get our pup Napoleon one of those bow ties. Too cute! I do hope you get to do the giveaway!! Happy Monday :)

Unknown said...

Wine Tasting!!! Whattttt I wish there was a Whole Foods closer to me! Floyd looks like he also thoroughly enjoyed his weekend as well!

Erin said...

You can walk around your streets with an open container?!

Anna @ A Dash of Quirky said...

I didn't know Whole Foods did tastings....we have 2 right by our house!! :)sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

When will we see a pic of Floyd in his bow tie?