Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Cotton & Boots

Aug 30, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Cotton & Boots

In case you guys are wondering, Floyd is still hanging out in the bathtub.
And no, Mom, I haven't given him a pillow or blanket yet.
He seems to go in there a lot if I go back out in the evenings for errands (which I actually loathe doing...weird I know but once I'm home I like to just BE home).
I wonder if there is such a thing as one person separation anxiety in dogs.
Or maybe it's just my original thought that HE'S A WEIRDO.
Who knows what he deal is. He seems happy in there and isn't shedding all over my couch so I'll take it.
Today we have part 1 of a 2 part series from our friends over at Cotton & Boots!  Today we have Prim here with us for Floyd's Friend and be sure to check back in in a few weeks to meet the other half of the Cotton & Boots doggie duo!

Hi y'all (read: woof, woof!). I'm Prim and I blog over at Cotton & Boots even though my human, Brooks, thinks she runs the show. It's funny how the humans think that. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit overly excited I'm getting to hang out on Floyd's page. Oh wait, what? His human is the mastermind behind this blog? Well, I still am going with this being Floyd's, cause let's be honest, our humans wouldn't know what to write about without us. 

I know that if Floyd and I had a blate IRL (totally nailing this blog lingo) we'd be best friends automatically.
Why? Cause he'd be my handsome, easy going friend and I'd have enough energy for the both of us. 
But before we have the blate, he'll need to know a little bit more about me.
After all, blind blates can be a bit scary intimidating. 

1 // Let's get my name straight.
It's Prim as in prim and proper. Not like Primrose Everdeen. Even though my mama human likes the Hunger Games, she doesn't like it that much. Mmkay? I've a prim lady since I was born. 
2 // I can pose like nobody's business.
It's true, I've got some mad skills in the photogenic department. 
Go ahead and tell me I'm not the cutest thing you've seen. I dare you.
3 // I can hang with the boys, no problem.
Football, truck bed riding, fishing? Pfft, no worries, ladies. Playing fetch? Gimme the stick, but you won't get it back. 
I play hardball like that. 
This girl knows how to handle them rough housing boys. I can put them in their place in a heart beat.
And look cute doing it, too. That's not only talent, that's the truth. 
4 // I make myself at home, no matter where I am. 
If I'm visiting my human at work, I'm chillin' on the counter, greeting clients like it's my job.
If I'm at home, I sit wherever I please. Like my crate or my human's feet, for example. 
If we're tailgating and it's a bit chilly, you bet your pretty tail I'm in my daddy human's jacket.
As for the bedroom? I demand the best spot in bed, which varies all the time. You best believe I'll step all over my humans (who think it's their bed, psh) and burrow between them for that perfectly warm spot.
Hey, I do what I want.
5 // I have an much older brother.
His name's Sinatra and I just tolerate him at times. He gets the attention some times and I do not appreciate it. I am the only one who deserves the love and puppy talk my humans give. I hear my mama human say how excited Sinatra is to be on here with Floyd and I just about had a fall apart. That's why I'm here first, because I'm #1. 
Sure, sure. He's not that bad. I mean, he's fat so he gives me warmth and sometime he smells weird, so I like to investigate. But other than that, he's only good for window watching with me. Everyone knows I'm the star of this house, not the singing stinky lab. Sheesh.

6 // I love my mama human with all my doggy heart.
Even if she doesn't pay attention to me cause she's blogging, g-chatting, or planning a wedding, I know she's my favorite. I sometimes forget to greet daddy human because I'm snuggled up against mama human, but I've been told I'm getting better at that. She gives me kisses when I'm napping, plays with me like a puppy, and takes me to the dog park whenever she can. I show her I love her by not using the house as a potty (who knew you weren't supposed to do that?) and protect her from the deer that hang around our hill.

So, Floyd, when can we have this blate? You're one good lookin' hound and I know we can have some fun shenanigans around your neighborhood, like chasing birds or visiting neighbors. You've got my blog, so holla at your girl any time.
And that goes for any of you readers who find me cute, too. 


Oh Prim, you sound a lot like Mr. Floyd!
He sure does love to make his home wherever he pleases, heaven forbid we are ever in his way!  Prim, do you mind teaching Floyd how to fetch during your blate?!
We would be forever grateful!

Have a great (long) weekend friends!

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Ashley said...

I think Floyd should have a monogrammed pillow for his bathroom hideaway.

Bri said...

Prim's so cute!! And I also refuse to go back out to run errands once I am home...but the bath tub? Really Floyd? He is so silly.