Total Basset Case: Hello, Goodbye

Aug 1, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

For the past few months I have been meaning to do a month end wrap up post and kept forgetting.
Well, enter Allison and her geniusness for hosting this great link up for that exact purpose!

Hello August, Goodbye July (wahhh)
Hello running, Goodbye working out inside
Hello Rules of Civility on cd for my drives, Goodbye boring radio
Hello new closet doors, Goodbye impossible to use closet (reveal coming soon!)
Hello new house siding, Goodbye dented, hail damaged, ugly siding
Hello new bathroom, Goodbye boring, old bathroom 
Hello Anne, winner of the Giggolosophy giveaway, Goodbye life without a Giggolosophy bracelet!
Hello July sponsors giveaway, Goodbye not entering (go enter!)
Hello Floyd's first official interview, Goodbye to his humbleness
Hello ice cream in all forms, Goodbye denying will power
 Hello Australia treats found locally, Goodbye waiting weeks for Tim Tams (more on this later!)
Go link up with Allison!

P.s. Floyd and I are over at Venus Trapped in Mars participating in a giveaway today....who wants $120 to Nordstrom?!?


Allison said...

I love all the house updates you are doing lately. Go girl! :) Thanks for linking up!!!

Erin LFF said...

Yay new closet doors! I cannot wait to see.... that's something we need to do in our house too! Love the new shower curtain too :)

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Ohhh floyd has an interview!!!? Off I go!

Betty said...

Yahoo for August! Please congratulate Floyd on his first interview...he did very well. :) And enjoy all that ice cream (and outdoor running)...that's what summer is for!

Anne said...

Yayyy! :) And so much good stuff here - love Rules of Civility, house updates, and of course ice cream. And excited to hear more about how your running is going!

Lauren said...

Look at all the house updates! You must be thrilled. Love that shower curtain too!

Candice Williams said...

So fun. I do a hello Monday post each week. Similar :)

Anonymous said...

Rules of Civility is my FAVORITE book!! Enjoy it.

Also, I LOVE your blog title. So clever and cute!


LG @ said...

Sounds like you guys have been doing some home improvement! I think my favorite is saying good bye to Floyd's humbleness.

Kayla Peveler said...

I'm excited for August!!! :) loving the house projects, girl!

Kristen said...

Just found you through the link up!! So cute! Looks like you have a good month ahead! Looking forward to seeing this closet reveal!!

Kait said...

I cannot believe how big his ego is going to get after this...

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

This was cute. Love that you have so many fun things going on with your house!