Total Basset Case: Thoughts While Running...

Aug 20, 2013

Thoughts While Running...

...and more reasons for you to think I'm crazy.

It took awhile for me to consider myself a runner.
Some days yes and some days heck to no.
But finally, laying in bed Sunday night (far too earlier than should be acceptable) I thought to myself, man I guess I really can consider myself a runner now.
Left: My first 5k (July 2012) Right: Half marathon (August 2013)
After that 5k I was 100% I would never run further than 3 miles in my life.

I've also realized that running makes me think really, really crazy things.

As I was running on Sunday and thinking all these crazy thoughts, it crossed my mind to share these insane thoughts with you. 
Every mile or so there's a new one.
And I'm certain I went from insane to totally confident about 43 times.
And I'm also sure I just plain ol blacked out for part of it.

Mile 1: "Oh this isn't bad, it's nice out, this pace is nice and the adrenaline of a race always gets you through the first few miles. This is the beginning...soon enough I will be able to say I successfully completed a half marathon!"
Mile 2: Starting to find my groove, pace is good.
"11 more miles, psssh that's nothing..."
Mile 3: "Wait, why did I sign up for this? 10 more miles? Honestly Sarah this was dumb.
Oh we're passing the 10k turn around...really no turning back now."
Mile 4: *Map My Run chimes in* "geeezz I have to slow down, I can't run the next 9 miles at this pace or I'll wind up in the bushes."
Mile 5: Finally slowing down...phew, a good groove. "Oh water! Thank goodness."
*Promptly choke on water trying to drink and run at the same time.*
Mile 6: "Almost half way, yay...or not...that means I still have to do more and then all of that over again.  Seriously what was I thinking."
"Hmmm what should I blog about this week? Don't I have a new recipe to share?"
Mile 7: "WATER! And gu!" Small pause to walk and sip.  And to take 2 small sips of a gu, bad decision, those things are nasty.
"Alright Sarah, you've got this! Already half way done and doing just fine!"
"I'd really like to just sit down."
Mile 8: "Goodness, 5 more miles."
"Who cares! 5 more miles, I've run 5 miles plenty of times, I've got this!"
"No seriously, what was I thinking about blogging about? Maybe I'll post about how crazy my mind goes while I run."
Mile 9: This may be where I blacked out.  I also spent this mile dreaming of what I wanted to order for dinner. 
Mile 10: "Only 3 more miles! Just a 5k more, surely I can do this. I never have before but why shouldn't I be able to?! Every training program says you never run the full amount before a race. So either those people are correct or crazy, I guess we will find out soon enough."
Mile 11: "This is further than I've ever run before!! Ahhhh! So crazy! Must keep GOING! Every step is one further than I've ever done before!"
And then I started to get delusional...
Mile 12: "1 more mile, just 1 more!! I've got this! I can almost say I'm a half marathoner! Go Sarah go.  While this is awesome and I'm proud of myself, my hips hurt...must.keep.going."
I am certain at this point I was going on pure adrenaline.
Mile 13: ".1 more to go! Ahhh! I can see the finish, I can almost smell the Gatorade. I wonder if it would be weird if I fell over when I crossed the finish line?"

So if you can't tell; 1. I'm crazy and 2. running is SUCH a mental game- one that I haven't conquered yet.
So much so that I kept telling myself I knew it was a mental game and I just had to keep going and not think about how my legs and hips wanted to fall off my body.  It's amazing the moment you stop thinking about your next step, the easier it gets.  This is the main reason I have to have music while I run. If not or I'm not digging Pandora's choice my mind goes 1,000 places including the next step.

I say all this to say I actually do really enjoy running. It's become a big part of my life and it's fun to me.  Granted it's not fun 100% of the time but about 85% of the time it is.  I love the challenge and the success and fitness that come along with it. And if you are thinking about taking it up, I say DO IT! Just get out there and start going, it's the best way to start!


Kaliwood said...

This is very true. Once you stop thinking about how far you have to go and just let your body run, it changes everything. Hoping to get to a 10k one of these days.. that's my end goal!

Great job, girl!

Eloise August said...

I don't know how you do it. My hat is off to you madam. I've recently taken up jogging again and I cannot imagine running a marathon! I cringe just thinking about it.

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

This is too funny. Running is completely a mind game, and like you when I'm running long distances (like half marathons) my mind and body goes through ebbs and flows. Congratulations on finishing! Such a great accomplishment. :)

Fizz and Frosting

Whitney Ellen said...

Love this! I totally talk to myself when I run and it's always weird things. Usually I'm degrading myself and telling myself what a lazy butt I am. hahaha. ;)

Anne said...

Ha, loved reading this. I find it amusing to see where my mind wanders during a run too - usually distraction is the best way to beat any negative thoughts. Some parts of it end up totally blank, some parts are brilliant blog posts that I never remember later, and a lot of parts are calculations of what my final time will be at various paces (mental math is really hard when your brain doesn't have quite enough oxygen, so it can keep me occupied a long time!).

p.s. you SO are an official runner! Exciting.

Kayla Peveler said...

I talk to myself all the time when I run. I also think crazy thoughts ;) you're not alone! Congrats on the half -- that is awesome! Can't wait to do my first!

Bri said...

Haha! I've only done a I wonder how bad my thoughts will go after 4 miles... yeah I think I would fall over before the finish line ;)

Karra said...

HAHA I love your thoughts throughout the race I recently completed a Triathlon but want to get more into running! I loved your encouragement at the end- it makes me want to go out and run right now instead of sitting at this desk! :)

Because of Jackie said...

I think everything you say in your head is true for me,'s just said in 1 mile and doesn't extend longer than that. So NOT a runner:)

The Lady Okie said...

I love these thoughts! And congrats again on your race! I know exactly what you're talking about with drinking water and running at the same time. My first race I choked on water and decided never to do that again. Haha! You ARE a runner, and runners are awesome :)

Ashley said...

I would agree that, yes!, you are definitely a runner. I like what you just have to DO IT!! But honestly...I think I would pass out. One day I really want to actually go for a run...maybe a Color Run or something like that would get me motivated.

Erin LFF said...

You go girl!! I love this post haha- I definitely think weird things while running a couple of miles, I can't imagine my thoughts if I was doing a half marathon. I'm seriously thinking about signing up for the Flying Pig half-- eek! I'm scared!