Total Basset Case: Blogtember : This is not a coffee shop

Sep 26, 2013

Blogtember : This is not a coffee shop

Day 18: Blog from a coffee shop; write about something that makes you happy, sad or whatever topic you want.

I am just going to be really honest with you guys.
I am not at a coffee shop right now.
And in the spirit of being honest, I'll just go ahead and tell you that it's 9:03pm, I'm at my kitchen table and I'm simultaneously eating dinner. 
As much as I'd love to be at or have gone to Starbucks today, ordered a PSL or chai, and write, it just wasn't in the cards.

On that thought, I though I'd share a little bit of my normal day with you.
I love seeing how people spend their days and thought I'd give you a peek into mine.

6:33am: My alarm goes off and I hit snooze until 7 and I assume Mister plots ways to through my phone out the window so the alarm will stop going off and I'll get up.
We also can not leave out that this is the time I catch up with instagram
7am: Floyd and I get up and he eats and recently I've begun doing tricep dips while he chows. I have no idea why or when this started but hey, why not work on those tris when you have the chance?
7:15-8am: Yes it takes Floyd forever to go out and eat in the morning. It's beyond me how it takes him so long.  After he moseys around, I stare at my closet for a while and then finally get ready and make breakfast for us (scrambled eggs every morning).
8-8:30am: Drive to work in my new ride ;)
8:30-5ish: Work, work work. Every single day is different at my office and lately it's beyond just mayhem.  Which does make the day go quickly but also makes me feel like I get nothing accomplished.  But there are lots of paint, remodeling details and fabric samples.
5:30-6: Take Floyd for a walk. Or a sniff, depending on which one of us you are talking to.
6:15pm: Floyd gets up from where he's passed out on the floor from his supppper strenuous walk and eats dinner.
6:30-7:30pm: This is when working out generally happens, either a run, running club or something downstairs, depends on what day it is.
7:30-8:30: This hourish is always up in the air. It is always a mixture of showering, making lunches and making dinner. All at the same time.  I honestly try to get the dinner on the table before 8:30 but it's a downright miracle if that actually happens.  I know that we shouldn't eat so late so can we are just pretend we practicing to be Europeans?
9-11:30pm: Again, up in the air. This is usually blog time, snuggle time and catch up on our shows time. And night time snack time (greek yogurt with granola and honey has been on the menu lately). 

And now this sweet face is staring at me and I MUST snuggle him.
What's your day look like?

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Anne said...

I love these day-in-a-life posts... Also love your new car! How fun! And your tricep dips - ha. Maybe I should do the squats I'm always meaning to work on while Ginger eats.

Our dinner happens late too - in my family we always call it "dining Italian" to make it sound more intentional/sophisticated.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Loving the new car! We need to catch up. Lunch soon?!

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

I always wonder how people manage their time. You seem much more efficient than me and I don't have a dog to take care of! (I visit my mom when I need puppy time.) thanks for sharing!

Big Apple, Little Bites

Whitney Ellen said...

I swear to you, my dogs could sniff the same patch of grass for 15 minutes without actually doing anything. Sillies!

k8te said...

my morning is consumed by henry going out/eating too! these hounds do not understand the words "hurry up" ;) the new blog design looks fantastic, look at floyd up there, so dapper!

Vett Vandiver said...

what a sweet new ride - thanks for sharing your day!

jamiedawn said...

hahah that precious face just kills me. and i love the new layout!! he's a star!

Sarah Tucker said...

Love the new car!

Betty said...

I love day in the life posts...thanks for sharing! And love your new car! :)

The Lady Okie said...

When I was growing up we ate at like 9 every night. You're not alone! Love your new ride!

Lauren said...

I consider it a successful night if I have dinner ready before 8, 830.