Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Northwest Betty

Oct 11, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Northwest Betty

I was trying to think if Floyd had performed any shenninigans lately and, shockingly enough, he hasn't. Though his newest charade is to ask for a 3rd meal around 9pm.  He acts as if he's positively going to die if we don't feed him.  He's been eating some new food so either he loves it or he's going through a growth spurt. Or he is just being a turd and trying to annoy us.  

I am so pleased to have today's Floyd's Friends with you!
I have been reading Betty's blog for a long time now and love following along their recent big move and, of course, all of Dudley's adventures.
And if you need extra convincing, read this post about how sweet Mr. Dudley is. 

Hey there everybody! I'm Betty from Northwest Betty. I blog about all sorts of things, but much of it usually involves one large, adorable, and funny airedale named Dudley. He (and we) are thrilled that he gets to be one of Floyd's friends! Dudley has actually been at grandparent camp (aka my parent's house) this past week since my husband and I have been out of town. Since we've missed him so much, we thought we should write him a little letter until we get to see him again. And hopefully through this letter you will see why we love our Dudster!
Dear Dudley,
On my 26th birthday, your Dad surprised me with you! At the time we were living in Winter Park, Colorado and drove five hours to Wyoming to pick you up. You weren't as little as we were expecting...and you quickly grew and grew.

Now you are six years old and you have forever changed our lives. Here are just a few things we know about you so far...

+You love popcorn. And are pretty talented at catching it. 

+You love to be outside (no matter the weather). 
+But you also know how to relax on the couch. 
+Sometimes your hair is long. 
+And sometimes your hair is short. 
+Sometimes we see a family resemblance. 
+A typical day involves lots of licking, sleeping, and just hanging out.  
+We love you very much and are so blessed that you came into our lives. 
Love, Betty & Cowboy

Dear Dudley,
Can Floyd come over and eat popcorn with you and can you teach him how to catch it in his mouth?!

Thank you Betty and Dudley, we are so happy you came to hang out!
We love that sweet face of his!

Have a great weekend, loves!! 


Kait said...

Well he's officially Dud the Stud in my book! What a cutie! I'd toss him popcorn all day long! I don't think his mama would like that...

k8te said...

omg, that long snout! dudley is so darn cute!

and henry does the same thing as floyd! it's the prednisone, he acts ravenous a few hours after dinner and like we are just starving him to death! the pantry door is taking the brunt of it! ;)

Katie said...

i love betty and her cute dog!!

The Lady Okie said...

Fun! I read Betty's blog too. Love her dog :)

Betty said...

Thanks for having us over to play!!

Meg O. said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG that dog is sooooooooooo cute!

Allison said...

Ah Betty, I don't think I've ever seen puppy Dudley! So cute!!!

Carolyn said...

This is the cutest thing! I could do the same thing for each of my pups (5 all together!) It's crazy how much influence a dog can have on our lives =)


Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

can't get any cuter than a puppy eating popcorn!!! I loved meeting Dudley!