Total Basset Case: 7 Ways to Modernise Your Living Room on a Tight Budget

Nov 2, 2013

7 Ways to Modernise Your Living Room on a Tight Budget

You guys know I love a good dose of interior design and DIY...considering that is what I do in my every day life.  I thought I would start sharing more of my inspiration with you!
I am honored to share this post written by Daniel Johns with you guys today on some great interior design tips and tricks.
Take it away, Daniel! 

Home improvements projects can be costly, but they don't have to be. Budgeting and creative designing can make your living room look and feel like a brand-new space even if you've lived there for years.

1. Remove Clutter

The longer you live in a place, the more you collect. Clutter has a particularly "vintage" feel, so you'll want to remove it to update your home's look. Furthermore, clutter collects dust, and if you're not vigilante about dusting in your living room, it can appear messier than it actually is. Consider breaking up accessories and small decor items into groups that you can swap out as the seasons change if you just can't let go of your material possessions. You might find that some accessories work better in other rooms, and rearranging or removing clutter doesn't cost a cent!

2. Paint Up a Storm

Some people recommend that you treat your walls like you treat your nails. Now, you probably don't want glitter on your walls, but picking out-of-the-ordinary colors can breathe new life into your home without making a lot of other changes. Use a mint green or a chocolate brown. You can paint opposite walls the same color or use a single wall as an accent if it doesn't make your room feel overly small, too. After you add a coat or two of paint, add blank frames of different shapes that you paint to match the walls. It adds texture and something for your guests to talk about.

3. Treat Your Windows Right

 Updating curtains and blinds is an easy way to give your living room flair. Consider wood blinds in place of tacky plastic or metal mini-blinds. Heavy draperies are also a thing of the past. You can lighten the mood by choosing fun colors or sheer curtains. Those won't do much to black out the sun, so make sure you're using curtains and blinds if you want to keep your rooms cool in the middle of summer. For a minimalistic approach, consider curtains in muted versions of the paint on your wall. Curtains are easy to make if you have a sewing machine, so you can find your perfect color by stopping at the fabric store instead of shelling out the big dollars at other retailers.

4. Lighten Up

An airy and open feels lends to a modern luck, which is why you might opt for lighter furniture with metal frames that leave the floor visible. Glass-topped tables and desks also lend to the aid of openness, and furniture with a lighter look often weighs less, so rearranging becomes easier.
Metal furniture is often available in sleek white, black or grey, and the monochromatic look is quite contemporary. However, your home doesn't have to be stark. You can brighten and soften it up with pops up color in the form of throw pillows and blankets on your sofa and chairs or vases on counter and tabletops. You don't have to buy all-new pillows, either. It's often more affordable to buy standard pillows and replace the shams when you want to add color. If you care to try your hand at sewing, you can make your own covers, too.
When it comes to literal light, you might not want to swap out your fixtures or mess with electrical wiring. However, switching a shade can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

5. Shopping Savvy

You'll spend a lot of money when you're upgrading your home if you buy everything new. Do more than looking for sales. Hit up garage sales, resales shops and your parents' attic. You can also use the Internet to save a buck or two. Sites like Freecycle connect consumers who have things to trade for free as long as you pick them up. Craigslist might offer some things for free, but you can find appliances, decor and supplies on the cheap if you're willing to deal in cash.

6. Add Something Green

A plant on a table or floor freshens air, gives you something to bond with and looks chic. You can choose from a variety of leafy or flowering plants, and there's something no matter how much space you have available. Plants like bamboo are especially modern. You might find out have a green thumb and give plant trimmings as gifts to the people that you love or enjoy the fruits of your labor if you start a windowsill herb garden.

7. Walk on In

A rug is not only functional, but a unique print or shape can really add to the effect you're going for. If you're dealing with old wood floors and lack the budget to add new ones, consider adding matte paint to even out the appearance and hide stains. Stencil a unique design if you want something that pops.

Daniel Johns is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the business. He has decorated over 500 homes and recommends as a leading provider of curtains and blinds in Perth, WA.


Kait said...

When we get our new house, you'll come decorate it, right?

Anonymous said...

I like that you made this list for those on a budget. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only blogger who can't go out and spend $200 on shoes whenever they feel like it!

Chelsea E. said...

So after Casey puts up our Christmas decorations and yours, you can just come deal with my house, yes? Also, I'm like dying to buy a house and be able to do projects!

Ashley said...

It really is amazing how much decluttering can do for your home.

I need to be better about window treatments. My house needs some more!

Holly said...

Love these tips. My next house (if we could ever sell this condo) is going to look amazing ;)