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Nov 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up : FriendTime

This past weekend was really great.
And delicious.
Our very good friends came down on Friday for a kid free weekend in Cincinnati and we were so excited to see them.
Friday night I whipped up a BIG pot of THE CHILI and cornbread.
Along with a side of wine in this adorable cup that Kady brought me. 
(p.s she has more for sale in her Etsy store, these make great Christmas gifts!)

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to run the Girls on the Run 5k downtown. Girls on the Run is such a great organization and the race was so fun and inspiring to see all the little girls running their hearts out!

The rest of Saturday was spent watching football and having a great, no plans, day.
We spent the afternoon at a newish brewery downtown called Rhinegeist.
 Then dinner and all of it's yumminess came around. 
A brand new Cooper's Hawk just opened up near us and we were very excited to try it.
I had been to one in Columbus and was so excited that we were getting one.  They have great wine and an even better menu.
I had white truffle risotto with short ribs for dinner.
I'm still thinking about how good it was.

Sunday was a very lazy day but I did manage to cross a few Christmas items off the list and order our Christmas cards! Those will be revealed soon enough!
Santa is trying to get an early start this year!


Saloca said...

I am in love with that cup it looks so quirky and unusual! Wine a beaker...with a lid?? Where has this been all my days? I'll be checking out that etsy store!

Sarah :)
Saloca in Wonderland

Unknown said...

So great that you did the GOTR 5k! I've been involved with them for a few years and this is the first race I've missed in awhile. I hadn't hear of Cooper's Hawk, but it looks like a place that I'd really like. I'll have to check it out!

Anne said...

I did the Girls on the Run 5k last year - they were all so cute! Though I wasn't quite in the spirit of things because I decided to have my fastest 5k time to that point and was kind of excited that I took all of those girls. Oops :)

And good to know you like the Cooper's Hawk place - super close to us!

Betty said...

Is that a wine sippy cup? If so, fantastic. :) Looks like a great weekend!

Kait said...

I'm already highly anticipating Friday's post for one photo alone.. :)

Sarah Tucker said...

That food sounds amazing. What a fun weekend! And yay for crossing Christmas items off early. I am doing the same!

Jen said...

So awesome you got a Cooper's Hawk. I love that place and my favorite wine is the Almond Sparkling wine. It tastes like almond good :)

Bri said...

Love the wine sippy! What a fun weekend :)

Helene in Between said...

i loooove that cup! so cute. sounds like you had a great weekend!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

How cute is that glass?!?!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun weekend w/ friends. I love the vino2go - I have one too and it is SO fun! I need to order xmas cards but can't decide what to do. So jealous that you did your already!

Ashley said...

Now I'm craving chili and cornbread. That sounds amazing. I have yet to do any Christmas shopping…how crazy is that/!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Yay for a fun weekend and for running again...I swear you are a machine! And Christmas cards...Dear Lord, I am stressing, we don't even have pictures yet!! I am slipping in all kinds of ways this year!!