Total Basset Case: Caring for Leather Bags and Luggage

Dec 3, 2013

Caring for Leather Bags and Luggage

As I break out my favorite black boots to shine up for the winter season, I thought it would be a great time to share some tips for caring for all the leather pieces in your life!

If you have just purchased a leather bag or received one as a gift, congratulations! This lovely bag will serve you well for many years. Unlike bags made of fabric, vinyl, or canvas leather will not rip, tear, or pull apart. It is highly weather resistant and will repel water better than just about any type of fabric. Leather can be patched more easily and will not show the results of years of use in the same way. Leather is a classic material valued for its look, feel, and lasting durability. In short, you now have a piece of luggage you can be proud of.
In order to continue enjoying the benefits of your new leather travel bag you need to take care of it correctly. Caring for good quality leather is something of a lost art but do not worry – all you need to do is keep these simple tips in mind. By doing so you will be ensuring that the leather bag you receive today will look and function just as good many years from now.
Protection from day one
You should begin protecting your new leather bag from day one. Use a leather protection spray to coat the outside of the bag. This will help your bag resist staining and will prevent the leather from drying out or cracking. This protection spray can be used on all kinds of leather goods, such as:
  • Wallets
  • Key fobs
  • Daily planner covers
  • Laptop bags
  • Suitcases
  • Garment bags
  • Gloves
  • Shoes and boots
Leather protection spray and other leather care products can be purchased from specialty supply stores or on the Internet. You can sometimes find these items at stores that sell fine leather goods; if you can purchase a leather suitcase from a particular store then you can probably buy a leather care kit there, too.
Keeping leather clean
One of leather’s best advantages is its natural ability to resist getting dirty. You can easily clean your leather bag with a clean, damp cloth. Simply wipe the surface down gently; do not scrub or try to rub out stubborn dirt stains. If there is a stain you are concerned about, take your leather bag to a professional leather cleaner. Trying to treat a piece of stained leather at home can potentially make it worse.
You should also avoid using an oil-based leather cleaner if you are trying to clean dyed leather (sometimes called natural leather). This kind of cleaner is best used on leather that has been painted. If you suspect that a stain has been caused by oil, grease, or ink then it cannot be removed. Try to avoid exposing your leather bag to these substances.
 Secure inside and out
Most leather bags have some kind of lining inside. This helps protect the interior of the leather safe from whatever is being carried in the bag; lining also provides a little extra protection to the untreated side of the leather. Promptly repair any tear to the lining; a few stitches is all it takes. If the fabric of the lining tears extensively you will need to take it to a luggage repair shop or tailor. Any good luggage repair shop can also replace a broken zipper, split leather seam, or other structural problem.
 (this is one leather piece I'd love to take care of one day)

 Taking good care of your new leather bag is not very difficult and requires a minimum investment from you. Keep your bag clean, conditioned, and repaired and you can continue to use it as long as you want.


Anonymous said...

People think I'm a total crazy lady, but I polish pretty much everything I own super regularly. When you spend $300+ on a bag, it's crazy not to take care of it. Plus it's like 10 minutes of work to keep it looking I don't get why people don't. And that Madewell bag? I die. I need it!! It's just so perfect!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Dude awesome bags those are... Really you can spent that Much on those bags...

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