Total Basset Case: NYC Travel Tips

Dec 12, 2013

NYC Travel Tips

Let me preface this with the statement that I am in NO way a NYC pro, at all.
BUT since we had our friends to be our tour guides, we picked up a few tips that I hope help you!

This was OUR biggest lifesaver.
If you are going to NYC, download this app asap.
And it's free!
With HopStop you can put in the address of where you are and where you are going and it gives you the route via bus, train etc that you need to get there.  If gives you all the detailed information you need to not get lost! And one of the best parts is, you can just hit reverse and it tells you how to get back home.

I mentioned in my previous post how much we loved the High Line and I think it is definitely worth visiting. 
It gives you such a great view of the city and you aren't on the crowded sidewalks trying to see things. It's nice to be able to take your time walking, gawking and looking without getting rammed into.

#3 Public Transportation
Use it. It's there to use. It's very well developed and you can get just about anywhere on it.
Coming from a city that doesn't have the greatest or most accessible public transportation (side eye Cincinnati), I love being able to take a short train ride and be in a completely different area of town.  I do NOT like the germs on the train/bus but that's what sanitizer is for, right?
Along these lines, look at the various forms of transportation.  Like I said, we took the ferry back to Hoboken one night and loved it.  Sure it was a little pricier than the train/bus combo we used before but it gave us a completely different view of the city (and was very fast- 8 minutes!). 

#4 Take a Break
It's a fact that you will do a lot of walking while in NYC and it's important to take breaks ;) I mean there is so much good food, wine and people watching to be done, you shouldn't miss out on it.
After going to see the tree while we were there, Mister and I stumbled upon this great wine bar right at Rockefeller Plaza. 
 We walked up to the menu expecting a glass of wine to be $27 and we were pleasantly surprised to find out they were very reasonably priced.  If I recall correctly, the ones we got were $10/glass...and delicious!  So if you find yourself in the area, I would definitely make a stop at Morrells
We used this theory other places as well.  Just because a place looks like it may be a million dollars a plate doesn't mean it is.  Take a glance at the menu and see, you may be surprised! 

#5 The Weather Channel App
This one is all Mister. He is our official trip coordinator, map studier and weather researcher.
If you are crazy enough like us to drive, this app is a lifesaver. Especially this time of the year when the weather is a little unpredictable.
Other than just getting the weather while you are on vacation, this app has another awesome feature Mister just taught me about.  This may be new news to you guys can put in your route and it will give you the weather along the way!  This was fantastic as we were driving home in the midst of a winter snow.

Hope these help you and let me know if you have any questions!


Helene in Between said...

i have never heard of hop stop!! that sounds so great! such great tips- i need to get my butt to NY!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

This was a good idea! I've never heard of Hop Stop!

Betty said...

I've never been to NYC...but am hoping to possibly go this year and I will definitely be going back to read this post. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the great app info, Sarah! I recently moved into this century and got an iPhone :). So I am still learning about all of these great apps.