Total Basset Case: Drink the Good Stuff

Jan 30, 2014

Drink the Good Stuff

In the midst of having our kitchen floor redone I took down all the wine bottles from the rack above our fridge.  I didn't know how intense the tearing up process would be and I didn't want my precious bottles falling and breaking.  (Can you imagine?!)
As I was doing this I realized we have a lot of bottles of wine that we've been saving. 
Some nice bottles, some that we've gotten as gifts and some that we've picked up from various places.     
But I thought to myself, 'saving for what?'
'What major life events are we waiting on?'
'Why not just drink the good stuff?'
This doesn't mean that on every Tuesday we need to drink a super expensive bottle of wine or eat $75 steaks for no reason. 
But, as cliche as it is, life is short and I feel that it should always be enjoyed to the fullest.  
And if that is a glass of a fabulous red from a bottle a friend gave you on a Friday night then let's do it.
I think instead of waiting for a momentous occasions to occur, let's celebrate the little stuff too. 
A great week at work.
Or great friends and great relationships.
Or making progress on home projects.
 Or progress at the gym- that deserves to be rewarded as well.
Or a marathon of your favorite show on Netflix (currently Scandal- we are so obsessed!)

I think this goes for food and even products as well.
I have a tendency to save my good hair products or my nice make up or new clothes.
Again, for what? I don't think I'm going to a ball any time soon that I need to save an entire bottle of Bumble and Bumble styling lotion for.
If I paid for those items, why not use them? I bought them for a reason didn't I?

And in maybe the best news ever, Caitlin told me that truffle oil will go bad if you don't use it quickly enough.  So use it up! Use the good olive oil!  
That also means a lot more popcorn is going to happening in our house! 

So, let's enjoy life, celebrate it and #drinkthegoodstuff!


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

My father in law says that all the time, that he's "saving" something. I'm like "WHAT ARE YOU SAVING IT FOR??!?" I am of the opinion, just use it and enjoy it :)

Anne said...

Such a good philosophy! I'd join you but I pretty much have only Trader Joe's wine that I drink whenever :) You're right about the nice makeup/hair stuff too though... maybe I should go fancy today.

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

I agree! I have a friend who collected wine from his European travels (and he'd travelled a lot) and when he finally got around to drinking them (on some "special occasion" I'm sure) - they were ALL BAD. Yep - he'd waited too long and they were all worthless. SAD.

So drink up!!

Betty said...

Completely agree!!! Good wine is...good! So why not enjoy it while we can? Cheers!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I agree! It goes bad otherwise right? ;-)

Chelsea E. said...

We finally go over that earlier last year. We brought home like 14 bottles from Napa, and we were constantly "saving" them. And finally, I was like what the hell are we saving these for? You're leaving, so what, then they are just going to sit for 4 months? Then you'll be home for 3 month, then they'll sit for 4 more months. (It's a rule that you don't drink the special bottle alone in our house). We started having them on random nights where we tried to at least pair them with an appropriate meal. It's not worth saving things like that. We also ended up with an additional 25 or so bottles from wineries last year and then the "great wine race" commenced to finish them before we started trying to get pregnant (because I'm selfish like that and wanted to enjoy them too!)

Katie said...

Love this and totally agree. We haven't touched any of the bottles we brought back from Italy. I keep telling Derek before he goes grocery shopping not to buy any wine bc we have plenty at home to drink. Might as well. Besides once it's gone, it's totally an excuse to go back. Rrriiiigggghhhhtttt?!

Sarah Tucker said...

Love this! It is so true! I always save the good stuff and then it goes bad, or I just keep saving it until I am like "okay, let's get rid of it already!" Love this post.

Whitney Ellen said...

This might just be my most favorite post of the week. I love this so much and you couldn't be more spot on. Drink that delicious nectar of the gods and enjoy every sip!

Jordon said...

This is genius, love this sarah!

Jen said...

Totally agree on this. I find myself saving certain products or foods, when in all reality, I'm just going to want to buy something new or different in a few months anyway, so might as well use it up.

We don't seem to have the same problem with wine though. Last night Rick was looking at our wine rack and said "Why is it we only have 3 bottles of wine left"...oops! Ha!

Unknown said...

Man this is so true, and man am I guilty of all these things too!!

So heres to celebrating getting though another Wednesday!!!


Helene in Between said...

popcorn, wine, all of these things. yes. totally agree and will take you up on this, WINE NOT?

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

We have a bottle of champagne we got as an engagement congrats that was so super fancy we wanted to wait to drink it until we got married. And then until we sold Tim's house. And then I got pregnant so we couldn't drink it and now we STILL have this dang bottle sitting around! I agree with you, we should have drank it YEARS ago!!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

This is too funny because I "save" all of the time. Get a new shirt, hang in in the closet and stare at it because I'm 'saving" it for the right time. What? Same with wine, champagne, shoes,'s nuts but I'm glad to see there are others who are like me. But you are right, what the heck are we saving it for? :-) #drinkthegoodstuff

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Unknown said...

We have been enjoying MUCH more popcorn since you explained how you make yours! Thanks, Sarah!

Kelly said...

I love that idea - drink the good stuff! I have things I have been saving for a special occasion but this reminds me I need to redefine special occasion!

xx Kelly
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