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Jan 21, 2014

Please Come In

Occasionally I write blogs for my firms website about (shockingly) interior design related topics.
And as I was writing this one I thought it would be a great one to share with all of you

Your Home Entrance
That most important first impression often misses the mark
Your entry wall is your guests’ first impression and invitation into your home.  Your entry gives your guests’ the first visual and mental notion of what they will experience in your home.  It is the feeling that guests will carry into your entire space.  Therefore, you want your entry to really make a statement. 
However, contrary to belief, that statement does not have to be large and in-your-face.  You can make a very meaningful statement with a fresh and simple entry way.  There is a need to avoid overwhelming friends and family as soon as they walk in the door.  If they are forced to dodge large of items, it creates an uneasy feeling.  Clutter is a constant battle and is to be avoided.
There are a few basic elements that constitute a great entry way.  These parts and pieces are easy to build upon and can be interpreted based on your home, space and style.
(via Amanda Carol Interiors)
Common elements found in entry ways:
Console table/chest-with particular care taken with scale and balance
Mirror-to add reflective interest and depth
Artwork-to add texture and color to the space with frames often the focal point
Lamps/sconces-practical lighting adds drama, but careful with protruding shades
Coat rack-simple and functional, perhaps combined with a mirror
Small chair/pair of ottomans-to add texture and color to what is usually a mundane space
Wall paint color-entries have limited wall space so colors that pop can be striking without being over-powering
(Via Honey We're Home)

These items can be easily mixed and matched to fit the space you have, your taste and what works for your home.  Maybe you like to have a small chair or matching ottomans as an aid when you put on shoes.  Perhaps it works in your home to have a lamp on a table to switch on as you walk in the door.  Maybe a large mirror is perfect for your space so you can check your lipstick as you walk out the door. Maybe you have a very special piece of artwork that you want to proudly display for your guests- the entry is the one of the best places to incorporate any of these elements. 
Questions to ask yourself:
What is going on in your entry that you could change up to create a welcoming environment?  
 Is your entry a common and ordinary, or is it something special that you enjoy every day?
Is there a certain flair in your entry that is in keeping with your desire for style and beauty?
What do you think?  Do you like these type of articles?
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Holly said...

This is great! Now that I will have a new entry way to decorate, I needed to read this! Thanks for sharing these tips!

Jordon said...

love it! We are slowly, but surely piecing together our home and our entryway is my next project! I am looking everywhere for a table that is skinny enough that the door won't hit it

Jen said...

I love decorating, so yes I would love more decorating tips. We have a small entryway, but have a little cabinet to decorate and I recently hung a mirror. Need to find a fun/stylish rug that is cute, but durable since the pups tend to track in a lot of dirt/salt in the Winter months from their walks.

Sarah Tucker said...

I love seeing what entry ways people come up with! Ours boasts a giant picture of a jungle and people are usually captured by that!

Kait said...

I have a 2x2 area when you first walk in my house so I'm currently working with a cutesy little bench, but I trust when you visit you will let me know what I can do better :)

Marianna Dunn said...

I love this! My foyer is the hardest part of my house to decorate so I'm always looking for tips and tricks! :)

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Great post! Admittedly I need to work on our entry, because it's a really long hallway. I have a bench there but I don't feel like it's "done" (mostly because of the shelf above it).

Unknown said...

Need for you to do our entry-- it is terminal!

Because Shanna Said So said...

I wish I had an actual house is a super open plan and no walls at my to the right, dining to the when i see these gorg ideas and get a little sad! LOL!