Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : A Good One

Feb 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up : A Good One

Hey, a weekend wrap up post!
Remember those?
And a Monday and not a Tuesday?
It's bound to be a good week.

And a special hello to everyone visiting from Living In Yellow!! 

It was a good weekend, I know that for sure.
Friday night Mister and I had a nice night at home, made a delicious dinner (thanks to a recipe from Kait) and watched the last Scandal we needed to catch up on (come. on. Thursday.)

Saturday was a beautiful day which started with a 9 mile run and then my mama came to town!
We had not seen her since Christmas and it was so great to spend the weekend with her!
Floyd was beside himself when she showed up at the door.
Literally, beside himself. 
Homeboy LOVES Gma. 
We spent the day shopping and gabbing, what we do best ;)
We had a great dinner out and a great surprise at the end of dinner. 
When we were seated the hostess commented that she liked my shoes and I said, 'thanks! And my mom said, 'She just got them for her birthday.'
And by that she meant was that they've been out of stock forever at Nordstrom and they just appeared on my doorstep and she insisted on wearing them immediately.
But lo and behold, here came a birthday brownie at the end of our meal.
Little did they know it was closer to Mister's birthday than mine.
But, we aren't a family to turn down brownies and ice cream that appear at our table.
We may or may not have also gone to Orange Leaf afterwards.
I realized I hadn't had ice cream since before Christmas so mom and I had decided it was necessary long before the surprise brownie.
Sunday was errands, photo shoot with my neighbor for an awesome product I have to show you later this week and granola time. I promise I'll share the granola recipe with you.  I've been playing around with a few different ones and I think I've mastered it.

Have a great week, friends!

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Whitney Ellen said...

You wouldn't be the girl I know, and love, if you turned that birthday brownie down.

jackie jade said...

that granola looks awesome. and I would never pass up a free brownie either!
-- jackie - jade and oak

Anne said...

Excuse me, but no ice cream since Christmas?! That's crazy.

Love the shoes and the mom time... mine's coming this weekend, yay!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Well I mean, you can't possibly turn down birthday dessert! Sounds like it was a wonderful and very re-cap worthy weekend :-) I'm so jealous of your running... I want to get back into it again but the ice on the sidewalks here is still horrible and I'm a bit afraid my uncoordinated self will fall for sure.

Because Shanna Said So said...

Yay for Gma coming to visit Floyd...melt my heart. And NOBODY says NO to birthday brownies!! NOBODY!!! That's my girl!!

Caroline said...

Your scarf is extra lovely! And I love it when my mom visits/I get to visit my mom... pure love & spoiling! ;)