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Mar 25, 2014

DIY : Painted Cabinet Knobs

So far we've managed to cross a few of the big items off our 2014 list and this weekend I tackled one of the smaller, but big impact ones. 
And as we saw yesterday, my trusty helper wasn't too far behind me.

This was one of the projects that once I finished it I thought 'well that was super easy, why haven't I done that earlier?'  But really, when doesn't that happen when you attack something with a can of spray paint?  Instant change, love it.

Awhile ago I had looked at replacing our knobs but then I counted all of the ones we had x $3-$4/piece and one can of spray paint was much cheaper.  Maybe down the road we will replace them all but for now this seemed like the best solution.
What we started with.  Not awful but not my favorite.
And if you look closely you can see 'knobs' written on the chalkboard.  Told you guys it was the perfect place to make to do lists. 

Did I mention this one was super easy?
Hold on for the easiest DIY ever.
Supplies needed:
Knobs, pulls
Spray paint (I used black but oil rubbed bronze would work too)
Old box

1.  I unscrewed all of my knobs from the cabinets and soaked them in soapy water.  I just wanted to make sure they were clean and didn't have grime on them that the spray paint would stick to.
2.  I found an old box and sat all of the knobs upright in them and headed outside.
I figured it was easier to have somewhere to corral the paint and the knobs while spraying them.
3.  Spray away!  This is the fun part! Just make sure you aren't close to anything or wearing your best clothes.  Or maybe you are a more careful spray painter than I am....
4.  Let dry.  I just left mine out side for a few hours in the sun and they dried very quickly.  You want to make sure they are fully dry and not tacky or else they will show your fingerprints and then you have to start the whole process over again.
5.  Screw them back on your cabinets.
See, really couldn't be easier (or cheaper!) and I love what a difference it makes!
Truthfully we could start changing them every season or whenever we felt like it!
How about hot pink for summer, Mister ;)


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I love the updated look! We need to actually install knobs/pulls on our cabinets and drawers. We've never gotten around to it! Oops...

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Ooh I love how they stand out against the cabinet now.

You can totally come hang out with Baxter. On his agenda today: whining when I don't get out of bed on his timetable, rolling in dead grass and hiding dog food behind the recliner for a snack later. ;)

Kait said...

Ohh these look so fab!! Good job, Floyd, I know you worked so hard ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

AH you guys should do mint green soon!! :) I LOVE it!!

Ashley said...

You wouldn’t normally think small knobs can make a different until you replace them and BAM! Big impact. Your new ones look great!

Sarah Tucker said...

Hot pink for summer, lol! Love this!

t said...

Cool DIY!