Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends : Michabella

Mar 7, 2014

Floyd's Friends : Michabella

Happy Friday, friends!
The sun has actually been shining and it's been above 20 degrees.
Those are reasons to celebrate.

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple of days.
True Detective has taken over our lives and we are anxiously awaiting the finale on Sunday, it can not come soon enough.
Anyone else watch this show?! Are you as obsessed as we are?!

Floyd is not impressed at all but always welcomes a warm, unmoving lap to sleep on.


Michelle and her adorable babes are joining us today and I am quite certain that they would all get along very, very well with Mr. Floyd.  They seem to love all of the same things!
Make sure you check out Michelle's blog for more on her and her pups and her exciting news!

Thanks to Sarah and Floyd for having me and my crazy bunch today! My name is Michelle and I blog over at michabella's coffeehouse. Jax and Gemma are my rescued furry children and talked about quite often on my blog. I LOVE being a fur-mom!

I asked them what they would like to share with Floyd and his friends and to my surprise they wanted me to share their favorite things (like Ellen). Shocking because, as most siblings, they don't share things very well. They must've been on a treat-high.

Jax & Gemma's Favorite Things:

{ANYTHING, lol! They are on a special diet so unbeknownst to them they get healthy treats. I love to save money so I typically wait til certain treats are on sale or I get them from}
"Will work for treats"

{Jax wanted nothing to do with Gemma for a good month when we first got her. Now they're inseparable and it melts mommy's heart.}

+TOYS: Stuffed Animals, Bones, Balls, Plastic Bottles
{Jax destroys them within minutes so we have bits and pieces of what's left of stuffed animals! Therefore, I shop for toys at Ross, TJMaxx,, and the clearance/sales items}

{Sunbathing, beach, dog park, hiking, walks}

{They're pretty darn good at it.}

{Okay fine, these are my personal favorite!}

Time for us to head over to the dog park! Thanks for reading!

You can see more of Jax and Gemma on my blog and Instagram.
Thank you Jax, Gemma and Michelle!!
I just can't with that picture of them snuggling, it's too adorable.

Have a really, really fabulous weekend! 


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Surprise surprise, I have a dog that likes to outright destroy toys as well! Those are the ones she always goes back to, her favorites :)

Saloca said...

Those pics are so cute! I sooo need a dog back in my life, I miss having one soo much!

Sarah :)
Saloca in Wonderland

Michelle (michabella) said...

Thanks for having us! <3

Caroline said...

I need to cuddle a puppy right friggin now. So deprived.