Total Basset Case: Ignoring It

Mar 12, 2014

Ignoring It

I am straight up ignoring the fact that it was almost 70 here yesterday and the temperature outside today is some gross number that isn't 70.  It's not even 60 even and that's not anywhere near okay.

But, you know what, I'm not even going to worry about it because I just know full fledged Spring is right around the corner. And I am just charging on into full on Spring mode over here.

I've done a fabulous job (if I do say so myself) since the beginning of the year of not making a lot of meaningless purchases.  No Starbucks, no quick jaunts to Target or Bath and Body Works, no let's buy everything delicious looking thing at Trader Joe's, nothin.

But then, THEN, a cute little coupon from Old Navy appeared in my mailbox and this hilarious commercial with Amy Poehler appeared as well and I may just not be able to help myself.

So we are going to call this, if Old Navy gave me free reign of the store here is what I would buy.

And I can not promise that I won't be visiting my nearest Old Navy this weekend (probably not with free reign of it all though, unfortunately).
I mean, a girl needs cute pants for work, right?!
The pixie pants featured in the commercial are so stinkin adorable.  I picked up a pair of similar pants from The Limited last year and I've lived in them ever since.  I actually really dislike dress pants so I am always on the hunt for cute, well fitting, business casual pants for work and that can double as weekend pants.  I'm hoping these pixie ones are the ticket.
After seeing a few fashion bloggers really, really rock white jeans last year I have decided I need a pair.  I love the distressed look of these.
I always have to remind myself that Old Navy pants fit me strangely and that my normal size doesn't typically work there.  It's easier if I just don't look at the tag.

This dress has my name written all over and I am certain it needs to live in my closet.
Last fall I picked up a great dress in black...and in pink from Old Navy that has become a staple in my closet.  It is now out in this great black flower pattern that I think I need to also own.  
And this popover I need in every, single color.

*this is not a sponsored post. Old Navy has NO idea who I am but if they want to send me free things or the chance to hang out with Amy Poehler I would not be mad.


Allison @ Mrs. Southern Mama said...

Good for you, not making small purchases. I need your motivation, please haha! Starbucks and Target are two of my weaknesses!

Unknown said...

If you loved the commercial, you will totally love the bloopers of it - hilarious! I am also on the hunt for some adorable business casual pants that can double in use. I can't get over them - they are so cute! Also, love the disclaimer at the bottom!! If they invite you to hang out with her, take me with you!

Whitney Ellen said...

I feel your pain, sister. Here's my issue... I do really, really well with sticking to my guns. I won't over spend, I play by the rules, I do everything you've been sticking to... and then POOF, one night I get the itch, and it takes over like a tornado and then I do things like buy a mailbox full of $3 "gently used" DVDs. Talk about the struggle!

Brooke said...

the pixie pants are my new fave! I love them.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I've been tempted a time or 10 by those pixie pants. The models in the commercials look so good in them and they are so cute.

Holly said...

Because we are getting ready to sign our lives away on our new house on Friday, I have not made many purchases - especially meaningless one - in the past few months. But you might have just ruined it with all that cute Old Navy stuff you posted. Damn you! I haven't been shopping in months and I haven't even shopped online or browsed any of the sites I normally shop on. Ugh - it's killing me!!!

Sarah Tucker said...

I have reward points I need to spend at Old Navy and I think I just found the items that will be coming home with me! Ya, and this weather, blahblahblah.

KP said...

They had really great skirts for spring!!

Eleventh & Sixteenth

Jodi said...

I've had my eye on that dress for weeks. I went to the store to try it on to see if I liked it but they didn't have it. I've just been too lazy to do an online order (and trying not to spend money since I can't really wear that to work).

The Mint Truffle said...

That commercial grabs my attention every time! You would think I would realize I've seen it about 20 x's already, but I still zoom in as if I hadn't.

Anne said...

Such a glorious day of flats wearing that was, and now I'm back in my stupid ankle boots that I have come to hate after wearing them every day all winter... your virtual shopping therapy cheered me up though. You do need white jeans! And that printed shift dress is adorable.

awhite said...

Old Navy has some suuuuper cute stuff right now- very hard to resist.

And can I just say that this winter has been ridiculously long, and if I don't get full-blown spring in about five minutes I'm going to scream? Well, there you go. Here's hoping the weather changes for the better + brighter!


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I decided to return the favor and first off I just have to say, I love your blog name. It's so cute and clever, I actually giggled to myself a little. I can't show my husband your dog though, because he LOVES basset hounds and I don't want another dog. Although, if he came with a bow tie and was that cute I could maybe be persuaded...

Also, I love those pants from Old Navy. So cute! I think I might need to get myself a pair too. Thanks for the inspiration.


Jen said...

Good job on being mindful of purchases! I on the other hand have not been so good, but most of it is wedding purchases and needs to be done, so that's my excuse...ha! Oh and as for the weather the other day, I was so angry it got so cold. It was like mother nature tricked us, but glad the temps seem to be rising again and this weekend is looking pretty good. I do love those pixi pants and totally want to stop off at Old Navy this weekend and try them out :)