Total Basset Case: Why I Don't Belong to a Gym

Mar 3, 2014

Why I Don't Belong to a Gym

I don't belong to a gym.
I don't go to classes.
And I don't miss it.

I've done the gym thing, I've done the classes thing but they aren't for me.
I'm not against them at all, they just don't fit in my lifestyle.

What does work for me, our lifestyle and the schedule of our home is working out at home.
And here's why...

1. Free
Working out at home is free
and I like free.
Sure there are some initial costs; various weights, programs (if you choose to go that route), pull up bars, push up assists, etc.  BUT those items aren't even 100% necessary.  There are plenty of body resistant routines out there that don't require any equipment.
But one thing I really love about working out at home is that I don't see that $29.99 (or whatever a gym costs) coming out of my checking account each month.  And I feel like I am still getting just as good of a work out. 

2. Freedom
I love the freedom of working out at home.
I can do it at any moment, just have to change clothes and lace up my shoes.
If I want to work out before work, I can.
If I want to work out after work, I can.
If I want to do some bicep curls between episodes of Real Housewives, I can. 

3. Flexibility
When I work out at home I do something different almost every single time.
Whether it's Tone It Up girls, a YouTube work out, TRX work out, Pinterest work outs, P90x, or Insanity or running, I am always changing it up.
There are so many options and so many great, free work outs online and YouTube that it is nearly impossible to get bored.
Plus with working out at home I don't feel the time crunch I used to at the gym.
By the time I would get to the gym, put my things away, get settled, I would feel like it would be time to go home again.  
But at home I don't feel that pressure.  It takes seconds to get set up and if I need to run upstairs and stir dinner between reps I can. 

4. Fun
I actually really enjoy working out at home. 
I think it's fun to challenge myself and crank out one more set of reps or 10 more push ups or one more round of anything it may be that day.
Often Mister and I will work out together inspiring some friendly competition, especially if we are doing P90X.  
And when we aren't working out together, I have the chance to catch up on all of my Bravo shows.  And there is nothing that keeps my attention longer when working out than a good Bravo drama. 

5. Floyd
He is, paws down, the best trainer.
If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to power through crunches with a basset hound licking your face, or to try to do push ups while a basset hound is throwing his tennis ball under your belly, please come over and work out with us.  We call it basset training and it takes things to a whole new level.  

So how about you, do you prefer the gym or sweating it out at home?


Pamela said...

Our dog does the same thing when we are working out, ha!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I don't belong to a gym anymore because I teach a fitness class in a non-gym setting. When I'm not teaching I'll either go to someone else's class or I'll workout at home. But I'll admit...I'm bad about doing it at home!!

Sarah Tucker said...

How do you get motivated to workout at home? I hate to go to the gym because there are no distractions like at home. I can't ever bring myself to workout at home because I always put in a load of laundry, start cooking, or clean. If I am at the gym, I have nothing else to do but workout. So how do you get motivated to workout at home?!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I've been working out at home for a lot of the same reasons!! I like not having to go anywhere. My membership is so cheap that I still go and do the elliptical every other week b/c I I kind of like it for some odd reason but exercise videos is the way to go for me.

Sam said...

I also prefer working out at home! You should look up 'Bodyrock'/'The Daily Hiit'. Videos are uploaded to youtube & FREE! It is my favorite workout program, as they have a different workout every day.

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I like the gym because I can focus on my workout and our Y has a play area for the kids - plus I use the Nautilus machines and they would be really expensive to install in my house! But I have moved away from the classes too - I work out in the weight room because it is easier to fit in between work and kid activities. I do wish that I had an elliptical at home to use on the days that we cannot make it to the Y. I think that as long as you get some sort of exercise that it doesn't matter if it is indoors, outdoors, home or gym!

Unknown said...

I agree with you a hundred times over! I have a fitness center in my apartment complex that is free and I can also access the gym on campus, but there is only so much I want to do in the gym every day. It makes so much more sense for me to workout in my room!

The Lady Okie said...

If we didn't have a gym as part of our apt complex, I probably wouldn't join on. Mostly for the free reason. I like free too :) But I do like doing workout videos and stuff. There are so many great workouts you can do right at home! I just feel bad for the people who live below me when I'm doing my jumping jacks and butt kicks...

Jen said...

Napoleon likes to sit on my lap when I do chair dips, and all of the pups like to try and lick my face when I'm doing the downward facing dog...ha!

We have been working out more at home since Rick let his membership run out, but I still keep holding on to my membership thinking, someday I'll want to go to spinning again. I might decide after the wedding to cancel it and just invest in a treadmill for the winter months.

LG @ said...

I got rid of my fancy membership and use the gym at work, which is really basic (and unsanitary) but WAY more convenient. I really hate the time crunch issues you mentioned -- this works better because I'm coming to work anyway and the gym is a two minute walk from my desk, so I can go at my convenience. Only downside is there's no Floyd to distract me!