Total Basset Case: A Perfect Pairing

Apr 8, 2014

A Perfect Pairing

Thank you to Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share my perfect pairing. 
Just like most of us ladies out there, I enjoy a really great piece of chocolate every once in a while.
And pair that with a full bodied red wine and I'm really sold.
It's a simple, yet, never failing in deliciousness, combination in my book.
Ghirardelli's Intense Dark chocolate bar is the perfect choice for this pairing.  We were at a friends over the weekend and had delicious burgers from the grill and ended our meal with chocolate and a glass of red wine - perfection! The dark chocolate is just the right amount of flavor, not overpowering at all. There are many ways to enjoy dark chocolate but I think one of the best ways is with others - if you have a mouth watering chocolate bar in your purse, you just have to share that goodness with your friends! It would be unfair not to! 
Those are the makings for the perfect evening right there.
Intense dark chocolate? Check.
Red wine? Check.
Good friends? Check.
Solid evening! 

For other intense dark chocolate flavors and perfect pairings, check out Ghiraradelli's site


Elizabeth said...

Ginger is the grumpy basset in this ( post who once ate two whole bars of dark chocolate and was FINE! One of the many reasons she is weird. Thanks for the chocolate suggestion! :)

Kait said...

Yum chocolate!!

Pamela said...

You are too cute!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

I love this! I put up my Ghirardelli post today too :)