Total Basset Case: Oh La La {Younique Makeup Giveaway}

Apr 17, 2014

Oh La La {Younique Makeup Giveaway}

Mascara is probably my favorite part of my make up routine.
I love building up big, full, voluminous lashes.

As we all seem to be, I am always on a hunt for the perfect mascara.
I had recently resorted to layering 2-3 mascaras to achieve the look I wanted from multiple mascaras.
It was really becoming quite the process.

Well ladies, I have a solution for this issue, look no further.
My friend Tatiana just recently introduced me 3D fiber lashes from Younique.
This mascara is a SHOWSTOPPER.
It literally makes you look like you have false eyelashes on.
And who doesn't want that?
The mascara is made up of two different components (gel and fiber) and three, easy steps for application : gel, fiber, gel.
And repeat if you desire.  
The more you build, the more dramatic the look.
1 coat is great for work
2 for a night out
and 3 for a really special evening or party 
(in my opinion)

I will tell you the fiber step was a little strange to me at first.
The gel looks like a normal mascara and then the fibers are literally fibers on a tube (not a wet product).
So in expanded terms, the gel creates a base for the fibers, the fibers attached to the gel and build up the volume and then repeating the gel secures the fibers to your lashes.
It works best if you work with both tubes open in your hands so you can move quickly.
It is also advised that you complete one eye before you move to the next one.

And because seeing is believing, here are some pictures of moi without mascara and with.
Please be warned of two things, 1. it's really hard to take photos of mascara and look natural and 2. I hadn't had my coffee yet when I took these so my eyes aren't fully awake.
1. No mascara
2. One eye with, one without
3. One coat on both eyes
4. Two coats on both eyes
See! Fake lashes!

AND if seeing isn't believing for you, how about trying it out for yourself!
Tatiana has graciously offered to giveaway one set of 3D Fiber lashes mascara to one lucky Total Basset Case reader.
You know the drill, rafflecopter below.

(Giveaway runs through next Wednesday, winner announced next Thursday)

Contact Tatiana if you have any questions! You can also host a virtual Younique party with Tatiana via Facebook!

You can guarantee this mascara is going to look great with whatever dress I pick for our upcoming big event.

So are you sold?


Unknown said...

Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel

lesleyana said...

I definitely want to try the 3D Fiber Lashes - I usually only wear mascara on a daily basis so I LOVE mascara and try any new thing out there

Jordon said...

Definitely want to try this Mascara!! I have heard amazing things!

Tatiana Amorella said...

Gayle.....Have you tried Brilliant before? It is a miracle worker!!

Laura M said...

This stuff is my JAM all thanks to Tat! I love how easy it is to take off too!

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! I totally want to try this mascara. I can never find the right one, and it looks like it works so well in your pictures.

monapete said...

The mascara

Colby B. said...

ahhhh I wanna try this soo bad!!!

curlywurlygurly said...

ooh this looks like a nifty product. I would love to try it out.

Kayla MKOY said...

Looks awesome!!! My go to is a Maybelinne! :)

Unknown said...

really love this mascara. it looks amazing on you.

Unknown said...

Really wanting to try the 3D mascara. I'm a huge mascara junkie!

Jen Gavey said... intrigued by this mascara!

Ashley Bree said...

The mascara for sure!!!! :D

Sarah North said...

Would love to try this mascara!

Unknown said...

Pick me! Pick me! PLEASE! I have totally just given up wearing mascara at all for the last few years, because I could not find one that worked for me. Thank you for the info. I NEED THIS MASCARA! :)

Unknown said...

Love me some hot lashes! :-)

Unknown said...

I am a little on the OCD side when it comes to my eye lashes so I would love to try the 3D mascara!!! :)