Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Bassets are Funny

May 2, 2014

Fridays with Floyd : Bassets are Funny

Bringing some Friday basset awesomeness your way today.
We laugh daily at Floyd.
Hourly most days.
He just has so many quirks. And does so many weird/strange things every. single. day.
Case and point.

So when we find other basset things we 1. laugh and 2. feel comforted in the fact that Floyd isn't the only strange one out there.

1. Mister sent me this video earlier this week and the amount of times I've watched it already is embarrassing.
I mean, I just can't.
It's all so true.
The sneezing, the drool on the sofa, the slow tours of the neighborhood.

2.  If you need an entertaining break at work today look up #bassethoundsofinstagram
Hours of entertainment.
I also just discovered @worldoflabs
Equally entertaining.  Basically, I could spend hours on instagram looking at dogs.

3.  Floyd had a traumatic nail cutting experience earlier this week so I treated him to nuggets.
Pierre has told him how delicious they are and I can't believe he's never had them! #badmom
He thought they were pret-ty tasty.
And by traumatic I mean, I could hear him barking in the from of Petsmart and he was in the very back.  Granted home boy is dramatic but it seemed worse than normal.  Can someone make an automatic at home nail trim system? 

Happy weekend, friends!!


Robyn B said...

i don't think any basset has ever had a good nail trim! :) i totally feel ya! i should give Dixie nuggets next time!!!

and that video!! YES!!!

Heather said...

sometimes i catch myself just watching fred... he makes me laugh all the time. he's so silly!

Erin LFF said...

Oh Floyd! I love those big floppy ears!!! :) Will he be cheering you on Sunday??

Chelsea E. said...

Wal used to wail and yelp when we went to get his nails clipped...when they picked his paw up. Didn't even have to touch him with the clipper. Dramatic much?? Now he lets me do them and even gives me his paws. Don't know what changed but he's not dramatic about it anymore at all!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

I used to have one he was the cutest dog ever but my dad got rid of him :( I want another one SOON!

Sarah Tucker said...

Ugh that makes me so sad thinking about hearing him bark! I hate seeing/hearing being anywhere close to dogs getting their nails clipped!

Caitlin said...

amazing... i need to add #bassethoundsofinstagram to my usual IG activity!

Because of Jackie said...

Oh, poor Floyd at Petsmart! He DESERVED those nuggets, darn it;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love bassets! So cute!!