Total Basset Case: Thoughts While Running : Pig Version

May 6, 2014

Thoughts While Running : Pig Version

So as I said, the Pig wasn't my best or easiest race, but that makes the mile by mile commentary even more entertaining.
My after race resting buddy 

Start line : 'Oh 5:50am, this seems like a logical time to be up and about and around all these other crazy runners...
Oh there's Shelley
Here's my corral, I should probably stretch while I wait for my running group friends.
Oh, the bathroom, wonder if I should attempt the line?  I should, I'll kick myself if I have to go in the middle of the run.'  
This debacle goes on in my head for a good 25 minutes.  I finally make it to the front of the line, just in time. Phew.

6:28 'Oh here is my group, I've got my music, made it to the bathroom, we are good. to. GO!'
6:30 gun goes off! Wait a few minutes, as we slowly make it up to the start line.  Meanwhile I am trying not to be in a complete panic that my Spotify isn't working.  
Mile 1 'Thank goodness for other music on my phone.  But seriously, this was the BEST playlist. Ugh.  Oh this is fun to see the city this way and ALL of these people!
Here we go, across the bridge, this is really, really awesome!'
Mile 2-3 'It's no Cincy but KY isn't too bad and here we go across another bridge. I really, really hate bridges so it's better if I run faster here.'
Mile 4-5 'Back in good ol Ohio.  This crowd support is so great! So many people, signs and adorable dogs.
OH! Mister!! Hi Mister! Oh that puts a little pep in my step!
He sure is a trooper! 
Time for a bite of honey stinger, maybe it will distract me from the fact that my legs don't feel all that great.
I can't quite breathe right but I'm sure it's fine...
Suck it up SARAH.'
Mile 6-9 'Oh geez those hills are coming. It's fine, it's fine, I'm sure it'll be fine.  
I mean if I tell myself it's fine, it's fine....
Oh Lordy mercy that's a hill and it's pretty much straight up.  But I will NOT walk up it, I will NOT.
Oh good, another hill. Yippeeee....
Oh the overlook is pretty here and look at those sweet old men signing for us!
Oh the half marathon split! The end must be near-ish!
I think it's jolly rancher time! Whooo sugar!
Uh bad idea with the jolly rancher.  What are the odds I can throw this to the side and not hit someone else running by?
My lanta my legs hurt.  Like really hurt.  
I've done this distance before, I can do it again.  
Downhill! Glorious, glorious downhill roads!
How much does this mean I get to eat later? Margaritas, Mexican and ice cream?  Wonder if Mister will stop for ice cream on the way home?
Seriously, the breathing and the legs really have to improve.'
Mile 10 'Alright, I am sooorta over this.  I mean I can do 3 more miles but seriously, my legs have never hurt this bad.  And I am straight up just ignoring the fact that my right knee hurts.  If I don't acknowledge it, it's not a problem, right?'
Mile 11 'Getting so close (yet still feels so far away), less than about 17 minutes to go, I can DO this.
My legs. My legs.  My legs are saying no...this is when you run with your heart (as cliche as that is).
Suck it up SARAH. Seriously.'
Mile 12 'So, so lovely to see you mile 12, I have been waiting an incredibly long time to see you!
Oh good, we get to run all the down this road, turn around and run allll the way back.
But we are so close to the finish 'swine', I just know it.
turning the final corner
WHOOOO here we go!!
Hahah those fans are handing out small cups of beer to runners, that is awesome!
Mile 13 Well hello my new best friend!
I can see the finish swine, time to turn it up!!
Go go GO!
Mile 13.1 WHOOOOO done! I did it!
Water, sitting down, getting my medal, snacks galore are in my future.
Thank you thank you thank you.'

  And for the record, my legs are still sore.


Elizabeth said...

Ugh, Floyd's paw!! Love the chunkiness!

Kayla MKOY said...

Yep! Couldn't agree more with any of this!!!! ;) too funny!! Those darn hills. Next year I'd like to try and actually run the whole thing!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

That is amazing seriously! I feel like Im going to kill over after a 5k

Shelley said...

i love these posts you do! i hope you didn't hit anyone with your jolly rancher ;) i always get nervous at the drink stations and try to move as far out of the way as possible so i don't get hit with a cup or slip on a cup. hah.

Unknown said...

I'm so PROUD of you! You're amazing! :)

LG @ said...

you go girl!! what i really want to know is why no one ever suggested a jolly rancher to get my sugar up during a race. honestly, there might actually be a very small chance that i could complete a race if i could eat candy while i was doing it...

Anne said...

Ha, love this. Isn't it amazing the ups & downs your mind can take from one mile to the next about the run? And then all the crazy things that can pop into it in the meantime...

One thing I never have to think about though is the port-a-potty line... I always get in it IMMEDIATELY. And luckily I did because there were only 2 in my corral! And yes, I also thought about what kind of ice cream I was going to get to eat... Peter went and got me a giant Blizzard in the evening. :)

Jordon said...

So awesome. I really want to do a half.. I have signed up for a 5k at the end of the month (lame), but it is a start and hopefully I can go from there. reading your mind was pretty awesome, Im not gonna lie! haha

Because Shanna Said So said...

My hero....all of your runners out know how much I want to be like y'all!! So proud of you and thanks for making me smile with your mental commentary!

Erin LFF said...

Seriously- you ROCKED it! Hoping to actually train enough and be able to run the whole thing and not walk all those hills next year ;)