Total Basset Case: Whats Been Goin On

May 23, 2014

Whats Been Goin On

Well, lots.
And also nothing at the same time.
Which would explain my lack of blogging.
I know you've terribly missed the hound and I.
And truthfully, we've missed you BUT instead of blogging, we've been living life and enjoying the weather.

Well sorta enjoying the weather. I've enjoyed it, it has not enjoyed me.
Part of my absence has been due to the fact that allergies have been attacking my body, which then turned into a cold.  Because having a cold when it's 80* outside is SUPER fun...
And anytime Mister or I are sick, Floyd is just as ill.
Or worse off even.
Fun fact : Floyd did have a legit cold as a puppy.
Watery, (even) droopier eyes, running nose, sneezing, the whole bit.  You haven't lived til you've seen a basset hound with a cold.

But really, I've been trying to put more of a focus on enjoying life, time with Mister and Floyd, friends/neighbors and just livin life.
I've had a lack of blogging inspiration lately and rather than bore you with a bunch of nothing-ness I figured it was time to get out do more.
And at the same time, slow down and do less. Make sense?

I've been reading more (book reviews coming soon), running/working out, and planting like crazy (flowers, veggies, mulch, grass, succulents, oh my!)
(my first attempt at a raised garden- onions, cucumbers and peppers!)
Succulents from Ikea - they are growing like crazy!  
Check out Chelsea's post on growing succulents/hens and chicks

 So that's what's been going on!
We are off to enjoy the holiday weekend and hopefully park our behinds at the neighborhood pool! 
Have a great extended weekend, friends! 


Casey said...

hahahaha Floyd with a cold...the thought alone makes my morning. Poor guy!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Good luck with your raised garden! Your succulents look great, as does your flowerpot :) I have a whiskey barrel I need to plant some flowers in so this weekend might be just the time to cross that off the list. Hope you feel better soon!

MontgomeryFest said...

look at you with that legit succulent garden! impressive.

LG @ said...

if i could garden all day long, I would. i have somehow managed to kill most of my succulents, so i'll definitely be doing a little bit of research before diving back in. but the photo of your succulent pot has inspired me to try again. happy weekend!

Caitlin said...

I'm interested to hear what books you suggest. I just finished two (The Goldfinch and The Circle) and am looking for some good new ones!

Allergies have been TERRIBLE over here, too. The worst!

katelyn w said...

What is this fancy garden pot you have? i am unsuccessfully trying to grow all things in cheap menard's pots right now!

Renee said...

I could look at pictures of Floyd all day long.

The Lady Okie said...

I tell you what: the cottonwoods are OUT right now. It's even bothering me, the girl who doesn't really have allergies. Annoying. Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Ughhhh allergies are the worst. Thank goodness I only get them in the fall, but I had a sinus infection last week and was fully convinced I was dying. Also, I've been gardening a lot, too, and it's amazing how much my mood improves while looking at pretty flowers :-)

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