Total Basset Case: Floyd's Got Nutrition in the Bag

Jun 30, 2014

Floyd's Got Nutrition in the Bag

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Purina One, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ONEDifference

We are all very aware around there that Floyd is the star of the show.
We also all know that Floyd gets the best of the best. At all times.
And he wouldn't have it any other way.
I guess some may call that spoiled...we call it, well, spoiled but he's our baby so that's just how it is. 
He is the light of our lives and we couldn't imagine not treating and fulfilling his life with the best.
He's the third musketeer in our troop and the ring leader of our pack.

We've always fed Floyd food that we've researched, studied, asked the vet about and felt 100% comfortable giving him.  
We are very cautious about what we put in our bodies and wouldn't think of having it any other way for Floyd. 

Ol boy has always had a sensitive stomach and so what we feed him has always been incredibly important in order to keep his stomach on the right track. 

Floyd has been chomping on Purina Sensitive Skin and Stomach for awhile and we've been really pleased with the Purina products. 
So recently while I was at Target (duh) I spotted Purina ONE Chicken and Rice and picked up a bag for Floyd to see how he liked that version. 
And boy is he glad that I did. 
We mixed in this new food with his previous food and he can't get enough.  He dives right in for the real chicken pieces and gobbles those up first.  
And any time he's not demanding a dinner made up solely of peanut butter, we are all happy campers.  
'Ma! Dinner!'
Not only can we tell a difference in Floyd's energy level, his coat is shiner and softer. 
Even with it being so hot lately, less and less is Floyd giving out on our walks.  He has been 'running', 'skipping' and prancing along the sidewalks.  

And Floyd wanted me to tell you and yours pups that you can sign up for the Purina One 28 Day Challenge and get a $3 off coupon when you do! 
And then you can share your pups 28 day journey by connecting with Purina One on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  Personally, their Instagram account is one of my faves- adorable doggies? Yes please! 

I will speak on Floyd's behalf and say that he loved participating in the 28 Day Challenge!
You can bet that that yummy red bag of food will continue to be a staple in our house for a while! 


Sarah Tucker said...

Love the head in the bag picture! Wrigley is so guilty of that, too!

The Southern Thing said...

Ohh Floyd! Too funny! Hailey did the 28 day challenge too and had much more energy!

Because of Jackie said...

Isn't is funny the lengths we will go to for our pets?! My cat gets the most expensive food because it is her fave, and also has to have a certain type of litter. Sheesh!

Kait said...

Floyd do you know how sexy you are?