Total Basset Case: On the Table

Aug 20, 2014

On the Table

Now that my eating is extremely restricted, finding foods that I can eat and enjoy is a real challenge.
Sometimes a fun challenge, sometimes not...
I really love eating. Like a lot.
Although, I think that I sorta, finally, kinda, have it figured out.
Most days.
Some days I just throw my hands up and eat chips and salsa.
And a super shout out to Mister who is also being the biggest sport in all of this too.  He is ultra supportive and puts up with our crazy new meal plans. 

I had some questions about what I have been eating and some sugar free/gluten free recipes.
As I said, I'm still learning but here's a little run down about what is frequently gracing our table.

Eggs (so many eggs)
Vegetables (thank goodness for our CSA)
Chicken (every day for lunch)
Corn chips/salsa
Clif/Lara/Bare Naked bars
Sweet potato chips
As far as recipes, here are a few winners I've discovered:
Chicken Salad with homemade mayo
Turkey Burgers
Pad Thai with Zoodles and homemade chili sauce
You can check out my Pinterest food board here to see a few more things that are on our menu!

As daunting as this whole ordeal seemed at first, it is becoming easier.
It just takes a lot more thinking and planning but it is not impossible!
Eating out is still a challenge but getting easier.  And actually, Nashville, was much easier than I thought it would be.  Everywhere we ate served very fresh food and not full of sauces, so that was a win!
I won't lie though, I am DYING for pizza.  And real ice cream.  

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you have some great recipes that you think we should try! 


Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

oh I am def going to try that sweet potato buffalo chicken recipe. One of my favorite recipes is this:

Make sure you get pizza sauce with no added sugar though (which I am sure you would have, but sometimes it is hard to find) - I found Rao's brand. and adding pepperoni (i buy applegate... I don't think there is any sugar added but double check) makes it 10x better!

Anne said...

Good for you hanging in there! I have plenty of days I want to throw up my hands and have chips & salsa for dinner, and that's with no restrictions! Or when I bring home the CSA box usually I just want to roast the beans and make a big salad and call it good, but I think Peter kind of hates that approach to dinner...

Anyway, with the combo of CSA box and eggs I bet there are a lot of good dishes - a frittata is always tasty if you haven't tried something like that yet!

Kayla MKOY said...

You know how happy these meal posts make me :) thanks! Proud of you for sticking with it, and props to the husband for being right along with you!