Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Grandma's Golf Course

Oct 17, 2014

Fridays with Floyd : Grandma's Golf Course

There is a golf course in very close proximity to my mom's (Floyd's Gma's) house and Floyd is 100% certain it is his.
We really think that Floyd believes that Gma purchased that golf course for him and that it is solely his to sniff and peruse at his leisure. 
As soon as we pull into my mom's driveway, after he says hi to her, he beelines it for the golf course.  

(Floyd only has the privilege of running amuck on the course if no one is around.)
There has only been one instance where Floyd has barked at someone on the course mid swing...and it happened to be one of our friends so it was more comical than anything.  But we are very cautious not to disturb other golfers :)

So we venture out early morning and late evening on to the course.
And if Floyd is lucky, he gets to do some off leash exploring. 
I am pretty sure if we let him, he would sniff for hours on end.
We often wonder how long and how far he would sniff if he was left to his own devices...
'Rhanks Gma for buying me dis wonderful land for sniffing.'


Brittany said...

I wouldn't even be mad if he barked at me. Just saying.

Unknown said...

My favorite is the one pic where he is looking back over his shoulder, trying to look innocent !