Total Basset Case: Merry, Happy and Jolly

Dec 22, 2014

Merry, Happy and Jolly

I sure hope everyone had a festively, fun filled weekend!
We sure did!
I wrapped a lot of presents, ran 13 miles, braved the mall, crafted and hung out with my favorite hound.  Let to do on the ol to do list is some baking, more crafting and just a fewww more things to wrap.
While I am crossing those things off my list, Floyd is going to be patiently waiting for Santa Paws.

We are going to take the rest of the week off to enjoy time with our families and celebrate Christmas!
Merry Christmas, friends!! 


Ashley said...

Oh you know...just ran 13 miles! :) You're incredible!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Allison said...

You've been busy...and had time to run, wow girl. Haha. I still have all my wrapping to do! Have a wonderful holiday! P.S. I just read Aiden the PW Charley Christmas book. I think he is going to ask for a basset one of these days and I will say 100% YES! :)

Allison said...
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Kayla MKOY said...

Santa Paws? Stop. too cute!!!!! Also, dang girl. 13 miles?! You're amazing.

Jodi said...

If Santa bases gift giving on level of cuteness then Floyd will be getting a lot of gifts. Merry Christmas!