Total Basset Case: Yes, Please

Feb 12, 2015

Yes, Please

And I am not referring to the fabulous book, though I do love it.

I am referring to all the things that Nordstrom just put on sale. 
This cold weather has me itching for Spring clothes and a wardrobe update.  
I also have a Nordstrom gift card from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket.  And my mother has taught me well over the years.  Use those gift cards when there's a sale and get the most bang for your buck!

I love how tight Under Armour running pants fit, I am pretty sure that wrap dress is the answer to all things and that pointe skirt is a dead ringer for a similar J.Crew I have been eyeing.

My current taupe booties are dead and these would be perfect replacements, just yes to this necklace, this watch is not on sale but I saw it recently and canNOT stop thinking about it

I also wouldn't turn down this, this or these

Apparently I had a gray and orange obsession going on.

What is on your Nordstrom list?  Any Spring items needing to find a home in your closet?


Because of Jackie said...

Loving those taupe booties! Sales make me happy, especially the Nordstrom ones!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I have that wrap dress! It looks great with leggings or boots and is figure flattering. I think I have a pic on my blog ... looking ... yup, first photo in navy:

Sarah Tucker said...

I wish we lived close because I'm 99% sure we have the same exact style and then we could share closets...because I couldn't agree more with your picks!

Helene in Between said...

sorryboutcha wallet! I need to hit up nordstrom asap!

Jess said...

Love whenever Nordstrom has a good sale, can't beat the prices.

Allison @ Mrs. Southern Mama said...

I pretty much want one of everything at Nordstroms:) I especially love those booties!

Jen said...

I love that wrap dress! And I agree wait until things go on sale to use your gift cards. I have one for Macy's that I'm just waiting on a Friends and Families sale to use it. BTW: I made your Sweet Potato Waffles last weekend and AMAZING! I shared the recipe on my 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge post earlier this week :)

The Lady Okie said...

Another blogger I follow just posted a Nordstrom list! haha. I don't actually think I've ever bought anything from there... I should probably. Love me some UA :)

Anne said...

Yes, please to all of these! Book included. Love the color of that dress. And that is a great/similar ponte skirt! Definitely worth investigating - I love mine.