Total Basset Case: Currently

Mar 5, 2015


Ironically I am a day late for Anne's currently series...but, nonetheless, here it is! 

Currently... snow. And The Americans
Dreaming...of warm weather.  I am itching for Spring like NO other
Wearing...all things Rocksbox
(ps use the code 'totalbassetcasexoxo for one month free of Rockbox jewels sent to your door!)

Eating...lots of soups, gluten free pasta and anything that will keep us warm tea. Every single afternoon
Reading...The Secret Place
Running...a teeny, tiny little bit.  IT band is starting to get better...more on that later
Doing...push ups, still.  Only a week left before I reach 10,000!
Giving away...Clothes Ohio shirt! Check out yesterday's post!
And Floyd is....watching it snow
What are you doing?


Anne said...

Well I'm glad you still joined in. And that you're getting to do a little bit of running! I'm up to about 2 miles at a time - fingers crossed it stays that way. I'm getting awfully tempted by this Rockbox thing too - I love a statement necklace, and that is an excellent one!

Kayla MKOY said...

dang girl! Tell me more about these push ups!! I can hardly do 2 in a row. Can't wait to get stronger as I continue lifting!!

The Southern Thing said...

Do you run outside in the cold!? If so, that's awesome! I wish I was that motivated!!

Sarah Tucker said...

I feel like I live in Ohio with all the snow we are getting here!! And I think I need to try Rocksbox!

Brooke said...

I seriously can't be wishing for spring/summer any harder! Soo over cold weather! And that necklace is stunning!!

Erin LFF said...

We have been eating SO much soup and chili and stew--- all I want are warm dinners when I get home!! :) Glad to hear there is a little improvement on the IT band. Fingers crossed!

The Lady Okie said...

I'm glad your IT band is improving! I'm dreaming of some warmer weather too, although a full-on snow day was fun yesterday. We don't get many of those in Oklahoma!

Brittany said...

I'm so over the cold, too. Let's get on with it, Spring! Glad to hear that you're doing a bit better with running! ...and I'm super impressed with the pushups! GO GIRL!