Total Basset Case: Every 9 Minutes...

Mar 12, 2015

Every 9 Minutes...

...I hit the snooze 'just one more time' in the mornings.
Every single day.  
I know it's terrible for me and you are supposed to get up the second your alarm goes off.
However, I am not one of those people.  I have to ease into waking up.
Generally this means by snoozing and pursuing my phone (much to Mister's dismay).  
Lately, I have been trying to force myself to get up earlier and quicker.
This is three fold...
For one, I have been diligent about my IT band stretches and exercises each morning which takes about 20 minutes.  
Also work is bananas and I just simply need to go in earlier.
Thirdly, I am an adult and it is time to be able to get out of bed when my alarm goes off.

But also, if I have the time, I love to get things around the house done early in the morning.
It is quiet and peaceful and having a time crunch helps me get more done.  

This is my weekend alarm clock...

Recently I have been trying to think of ways to maximize my time in the mornings while also getting the most out of my sleep.
The other day I was poking around on Apartment Therapy and came across this article. 
So timely!  That and a million other articles.  (Anyone else get sucked into the rabbit hole of articles on Apartment Therapy?)

To their points...I am working on getting more sleep because that just makes sense.  I need to be more diligent about putting the computer and Fire down and just going to sleep!

We do make it a point to make our lunches the night before.  This saves all sorts of time.  Not to mention money and calories by not being forced to eat out.

At all moments I have about 1 million to do lists going.   It would probably help if I narrowed those down and prioritized them a bit.

Cleaning up! This is one I really try to do.  I hate going to bed with dishes in the sink.  I make it a point in the mornings to fluff our sofa pillows.  It just makes me feel better to know our sofa looks the way it should.

So are you a morning person? Any tips for me?


Unknown said...

Good to you for learning to get up when the alarm ACTUALLY goes off! I have never understood Snoozers - set the alarm for when you ACTUALLY want to get up, then GET UP. We have two Snoozers in our family. I agree with you about getting more done in the morning. The more that I can do the night before, the better. It takes me twice as long to choose clothes, etc. in the morning. I try to use checking my phone / e-mail in the morning as a "reward", and only check it while on the treadmill or after excercise. (Because I am so bad about procrastinating where excercise is concerned.)

Roots Out West said...

You and me both, sister! I am a snooze queeeennnn! I always kick myself, because once my feet are on the floor and I am up, it's not so bad. I wish I would make more time int he mornings for some yoga stretches, light cleaning, and actually sitting down to eat something. I need to do a 30-day challenge of waking up 15 minutes earlier every day (or hey, just when I actually set my alarm and no snooze).

Unknown said...

I am a morning person, but that doesn't mean I don't hit the snooze once or twice! :) I do love having that little time before the world wakes up though. I would always choose a job that started early over a later start. for advice, I am not sure if I have any! Being a morning person is just something you are or just have to be determined to be!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I am so not a morning person so I am of no help! My only suggestion is an IV coffee drip. :) I follow Apt. Therapy on Bloglovin and often get sucked into a clicking bonanza!

Sarah Tucker said...

I am totally not a snoozer! If I snooze, all I can think is that the alarm will go off in 9 minutes. Chris, on the other hand, could snooze for hours! I instantly turn the alarm off and start reading blogs on my phone. The bight light sorta wakes me up and then I finally get out of bed like 10 minutes later.

Jen said...

I love to hit snooze and I set my alarm 15-20 mins early just so I can. For some reason it makes me feel like I'm cheating and really getting more sleep...I have no idea why bc I'm not...ha! I've started getting up 45 mins early to workout and although I hate doing it every morning, I LOVE getting it over with and having an excuse to be lazy when I get home from work. So that is really the only reason why I'm doing it. Oh and bc shorts and swimsuit season is almost upon us might also have something to do with it :)