Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : By The Numbers

Apr 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up : By The Numbers

We took full advantage of a 100% free weekend and got a LOT done.
Here it is…by the numbers

4000…{approximate} number of abs I did at bootcamp
34...number of naps Floyd tried to take
28…number of cookbooks I organized
21…number of cookbooks I got rid of (I have a cookbook issue)
14…number of carpenter bees Mister killed on our porch
8…number of bags of yard waste we packed up
7…number of naps Floyd took on the driveway
6…number of hours we spent outside working
5…number of flowers I planted
4…number of glasses of wine 
4...number of #lillyfortarget items I got- with some help from some friends (!!!)
3…number of veggies I planted (spinach, peppers, tomatoes)
3…number of episodes of Orphan Black we watched
2…number of doggies in our house over the weekend (dog sitting for the neighbors)
2…number of trips to Lowes and Home Depot we made
1…number of herbs I planted (rosemary)
1…number of dinner with friends
1…number of pairs of white converse I finally purchased

and that wraps up the things I can remember...I know there was more.
Phew!  I am ready for another weekend to recover from our weekend. 

How was yours?


Anne said...

Veggie gardening, fun! Also a weekend with new shoes, wine (oh, I'm starting to miss wine...), and time outdoors in amazing weather is an excellent one.

Brittany said...

I always try to pack my weekends full of stuff and then I'm exhausted on Monday! Hooray for white Converse! SO CUTE! I've been hearing so much about Orphan Black. Is it good?

Because of Jackie said...

You will love your white Converse! I like mine the longer I have them, when they get scuffed up and I can just slip them on without untying them.;)

Sarah Tucker said...

You are going to love your Converse! We also planted lots of veggies. Last year we had success and this year we already have a couple strawberries!

Kait said...

I have grey converse! We can be twins :)