Total Basset Case: Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Jul 10, 2015

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

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I'll just put this out there.
We are sort of a messy family.
Between Floyd, gym clothes, lots of cooking/baking and makeup our towels get dirty.  
For the longest time, I shied away from purchasing, much less using white towels.  
I have always had the impression that if a white towel gets dirty it is done for, there is no going back.  
Well, my opinion on that has greatly changed and I say embrace the white towels!
Use them all! Even you husband and Floyd!
Get them dirty!

Why the change of heart?
Well, I was perusing through Walmart the other day and came across new Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Bleach Packs™.
My mom has always sworn by Clorox® Bleach and now I know why.
Why don't we just listen to our moms the first time around?  

I recently rounded up all of our white towels, white shirts and anything that was white and needed washing in our house and tossed it in the washer.  

If we are being totally honest here, the main culprit in our house is the hand towel in my bathroom.  I manage to do a good job of getting it filthy with makeup residue.  So it is always the first thing in the washer.
Next in the washer it is necessary to toss Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and call it a day!
One reason I have often strayed away from liquid bleach is because I know, inevitably, I will spill it on myself.  The Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ did not give me that fear and the Clorox® Bleach Packs™ can be just tossed in the washer.  How easy is that? So much easier to use, without the mess!

Even when I was transferring everything to the dryer I could tell the towels were whiter. Success!
One dryer cycle later and out came beautifully white and fluffy towels.  
and remember my sad makeup towel?
Bright as a white, fluffy cloud in the sky!
I am not sure how I've lived without Clorox® Bleach Crystals™  this long but I am so glad they are the newest addition to my laundry room.  All while having the confidence that the Clorox® Bleach Crystals™  are the same great Clorox® Bleach power that my mom has always trusted.

The one thing better than fresh towels out of the dryer is a big ol’ pile of fresh white towels.

No laundry day would be complete without my trusty assistant.
So helpful...

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Andrea Kruse said...

I share your fear of liquid bleach. With small kids I know the value of whitening my kids' t-shirts and socks, but I hate the bleach stains I get on my own clothing. Always cute to see Floyd in your posts. I have a kitten who is about as helpful, but ALWAYS has to sleep on my clean laundry. #client