Total Basset Case: Two in a row

Jul 28, 2015

Two in a row

Guys.  We've been home two weekends in a row.
During the summer.
This is mind blowing.  
And we have more coming up.  I almost cannot wrap my mind around it.

I say all that to say, please excuse my blog absence.  We've been doing life, enjoying the weather, the pool and Sunday afternoon nap time.  And the grocery store before 7pm...a real blessing.

The past two weekends have looked pretty similar to one another.
Friday night head to the store to pick up pool snacks.
Along with that, last Friday Floyd and I went for a walk around the lake.
He was in HEAVEN. So many new smells and he even sort of chased a rabbit.  It was epic.

Saturday begins with running to bootcamp, dying at bootcamp and waddling home from bootcamp.
Then its sangria and pool time. All. Day. Long.
Mister has mastered an amazing sangria recipe (hint : ginger ale is key).
Then dinner out with friends.
Last week it was Pontiac (omg the mac and cheese!) and this past weekend was Delicio (avocado on pizza, yes).

Sunday is full of church, errands and rest.  A pretty great day according to me! 


Brittany said...

This sounds like the perfect fun, yet productive weekend. I wish I could have a couple of those in a row!

Kait said...

These sound like the perfect weekends! Sign me up :)