Total Basset Case: What we're loving

Jul 17, 2015

What we're loving

Floyd and I have been keeping a running list of things we have been loving lately

In no particular order...
Sunshine - it has been raining non stop and the last few days have finally been sunny and Floyd can resume his porch layin' and mama her running.

Pineapple - neither of us can get enough
Grillin' - we are both huge fans of anything that comes off the grill.  Floyd likes to clean up the grill after we cook.  I do not.

Groupon Coupons - This may be more me than Floyd but I am guessing he can benefit. 
I am pretty sure I saw him with his chunky paws clicking on a coupon for Vitacost trying to snag some doggie vitamins and bones. 
Did you know Groupon Coupons are a great save to save with Groupon while being 100% free to use?  They are singing my language! We all know I love a good coupon.  And with over 9,000 stores I am pretty sure I can find a few that I can use.
They had me at Target. And Nordstrom.
Cooking - We both enjoy a good evening in the kitchen.
Floyd for a different reason than I.
His opportunity to catch flying food is priority #1.
La Croix - I can't get enough.  Casey introduced me to the coconut flavor and it tastes just like a pina colada without the calories!

Popcorn - weekend nights are always full of popcorn at our house.
If you want to see Floyd drool, just mention the word popcorn and the floodgates open.

Bully sticks - this is all Floyd.  He goes bananas for a good bully stick.  
He wanted me to say thanks to for helping him discover his most favorite bully stick ever.  They occupy him for a good solid hour.  That is hard to do with him since he usually just gives up and goes to sleep.   So I guess its a favorite for me too.

Weekends - we love a good weekend with no plans 'round these parts.  
We hope you guys enjoy yours! 


Kait said...

Oh Judy has been wanting to check out but they don't ship to Hawaii :(

Sarah Tucker said...

I cannot seem to find a good La Croix flavor. Every time I try it I hate it! Maybe I need to try to coconut!

Chelsea E. said...

La Croix!! The piƱa fraise is THE BEST. It's like a cherry limeade without the sugar! I have to refrain from buying them at Target every time I go. I'm addicted to sparkling water.

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

It rained almost everyday that I was visiting Indiana, so I was super bummed! I bet everyone in the midwest is ready for some solid sunshine for awhile!!

Anne said...

I like the cranraspberry LaCroix with half a lime squeezed in, if you're looking for something exciting :)