Total Basset Case: Best of Both Worlds

Aug 25, 2015

Best of Both Worlds

Oh, hey, look I remembered how to blog.

My apologies for the absence.  Life is a little bananas right now and we had quite a bit going on at our house.  So much so that I canNOT wait to show you but its not quite ready yet.  I will tell you that it has to do with the most used room in our house...

This past weekend we managed to soak up the best of two worlds.  Being in Cincy and sneaking in a quick trip to our hometown. 

Friday night we went to a parking lot party at a new church we've been attending.  
They had a Rhinegeist beer truck and food trucks!
Winner in my book! And everything was free! 

Saturday we headed home to go to Mister's nephews soccer game and see some friends and family.
Floyd only howled once during the game...I considered it a success.  He is inquiring about being a full time mascot.

Floyd also got in some quality time with Grandma.  He did really well until she sent me a photo of her entire kitchen trash dumped all over the ground.  He is on a roll lately.  
It's a good thing she thinks he's so cute.

For dinner my mom and I whipped up a delicious and healthy shrimp scampi and the best stuffed mushrooms. 
 I could have eaten all of these. 

That night we headed to a blues and bbq festival our town puts on down by the river.
(p.s. a small dollop of that wine ended up on my white converse...any tips to get it out??)

Sunday we brunched with Mister's mom and napped our hearts out that afternoon.
Floyd worked on getting his life together... 
Its a work in progress...


Hillie Gaither said...

White wine gets out red wine. Trust me.

Cassie said...

a church that has free beer trucks? now that is what i'm talking about!

Flannery said...

What a fun weekend! I'm with Hillie-- white wine worked wonders on my red wine soaked white denim.

Bri said...

Afternoon naps are the best! Especially when you reach Floyd status of not caring how much you've fallen off of the cushion haha ;) Sounds like such a fun weekend!

Erin LFF said...

What church have you guys been going to?! And I can't WAIT to see what house projects you're doing!

Anne said...

Fun, fun! Been missing Rhinegeist beers... I have no idea what to even buy when I get to the grocery store here. And I can't wait to see the house progress!

Sarah Tucker said...

Sounds like the perfect time! Those mushrooms look so delicious!

Kait said...

We are going to a parking lot party at our church this weekend! Also, have you tried Target's bleach spray on the tip of the shoes?