Total Basset Case: Pizza Night

Aug 13, 2015

Pizza Night

We LOVE pizza around these parts but with my silly sugar allergy (an update on that coming soon) we don't get to have it as much as we would like.
Enter the gluten free crust that saved our pizza craving last night.

Mister was wanting 'za for dinner and I remembered I had gluten free flour + active yeast and we were in business.  Combined with the abundance of tomatoes and basil we have growing, I almost couldn't get it in the oven fast enough!

We had quite a few leftovers in the fridge so we decided to do a his and hers pizza using all of them up.
Mister chose leftover pulled pork and pineapple.
I went with grilled sausage, fresh tomatoes and basil and pesto.
Both were equally delicious!


Casey said...

Oh my yum.

Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

Looks delicious! Fresh is ALWAYS best

Anne said...

You have way better leftovers in your fridge than I do, apparently... but both flavors sound so good. Way to go on the crust-making!

Kait said...

WOW!! That sounds amazing!