Total Basset Case: Heartbroken

Sep 21, 2015


So here's the deal...
I really love Taylor Swift.
Like a lot.

Let's rewind to about January of this year when my friend Autumn (who loves Taylor as much as I do) and I purchased tickets to Taylor through her ticket broker for Friday September 18th, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.  (I swear those details are important.)
We literally counted down the weeks and days to Friday and had many conversations about who Taylor's special guest would be.
Finally, finally (!) 9 months later, the day was here. 
Our excitement was through the roof.  
We both took off work early, drove to Columbus, made arrangements with her family to watch her little girl, printed off our tickets and headed downtown to change at our hotel.

We swiftly (pun intended) changed, grabbed a drink and snacks and hopped in an Uber to the arena.
We were practically running into the arena with tickets in hand.  Made it through security and handed the employees our tickets to scan.
The lady scanned our tickets, looked at us and goes 'these tickets are for last night.'
At which point my heart sank, like really far down in my guts, and we stared at her for a good 30 seconds.
We then showed her the emails with the correct (Friday) date, every single confirmation we had that said Friday and she did not care.  Our tickets printed with Thursday's date and her only advice was to go to the box office and try and sort it out.
We run around the corner to the box office which is PACKED with people.  
We finally are able to talk to the box office and they basically tell us the same thing.
'Sorry, the show is sold out, your tickets say for Thursday, theres nothing we can do.'
Enter more staring, disbelief and shock.

I'll remind you we had been looking forward to this night since January.

We were back and forth on the phone all night with the ticket broker and he still has NO idea what happened, he has NEVER had this issue before.  
We were 100% stuck.  No solutions.
At which point we both started crying.
Yep, us 30 year old girls (and also quite a few small children) stood outside a Taylor Swift concert and cried.
We had to watch a very nice dad tell his four daughters 'girls, we can't see Taylor tonight...'
Cue more tears.

The box office told us they had had 100s of bad tickets that night.  Either issues like ours, double sold Stub Hub tickets, counterfeit Craigslist tickets...anything cruel you could think of, they had the issues.  

Totally utterly stuck, screwed and severely pissed off we headed to a bar.
We saddled up on the corner, ordered drinks and the second song that came on the radio guessed it, a Taylor Swift song.
Have you ever simultaneously cried and hysterically laughed?
It's quite a sight.  I am pretty sure everyone in the bar thought we had absolutely lost our minds.
And they were right, we had. 

The night continued with more of the same as did the weekend.
So many calamities, weird and bad luck things happened to us, if I wrote it down you wouldn't believe it.
I told Autumn maybe in about 15 years this will all be a funny story. 

The ONE upside (besides spending time with Autumn and her adorable little girl) was that we were able to go to Bassetfest on Saturday...sans Floyd.  Yet it was still heaven.  Approximately 50 basset hounds running around at my feet...heaven.

And that is the end of my sad, sad's to hoping the week looks up because, I'm sorry Taylor, but I am not quite able to shake this one off yet. 


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Oh wow. That is really awful. What a disappointment. :( I saw your IG and wondered what the story was -- that really blows.

Lauren said...

OMG. I would have seriously been devastated. I love her too. Like. A lot.

Anne said...

Noooooo that is so sad!

Robyn B said...

that really sucks!!! did the ticket broker at least give you your money back??

Kait said...

Nooooo :( this makes me so sad all over again!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

My heart hurts for you! What the hell?!!!?! Seriously, people are so terrible I can't believe they would do that!

Bri said...

That is so awful! I'm so sorry that happened to you guys! I would have bawled too! And you looked soooo cute for the concert!

Katie said...

I cannot believe this! So incredibly sad :(:(

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh. That is the THE WORST. Were you at least able to get your money back from the broker? That's absolutely horrendous. I once spent $200 on tickets for a New York Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden. I bought the tickets from a scalper right outside of MSG and they were counterfeit. I was heartbroken. I even talked to a police officer about it and all he said was, "Welcome to New York." I'm so very sorry this happened to you!

The Lady Okie said...

That. Sucks. I am enraged on your behalf.

Sarah Tucker said...

This made me sick just thinking about it!! That is such a crime!

Ashley Robyn said...

That is absolutely frustrating!!! I hate that happened to y'all. I kept seeing your tweets and was hoping T-swift would help all 100 of you out!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Did you get your money back and like, a bijillion extra dollars for the heartache!?