Total Basset Case: Floyds Mistaken Identity

Oct 26, 2015

Floyds Mistaken Identity

I hate to admit it but until recently we had committed a cardinal sin.
It's the last week of October and we had not been to the pumpkin patch yet.
I know, I know I am breaking all of the blogger rules.
 I did pick up a teal fantasy pumpkin at Traders Joes weeks ago so that was tiding us over.
Along with our hoards of mums

Thankfully we corrected that this weekend!
Every year of Floyd's life we have made it a mission to take Floyd to a patch.
He loves the smells, we love the photos ops and bassets just look adorable surrounded by orange.
Plus wrestling a basset hound while juggling pumpkins is always a good workout.
Floyd's floppy ears and happy demeanor always warrants a lot of laughs, points and general 'awws' from fellow pumpkin patch goers. 
He knows it too and puts on a little swagger.
Well this weekend as we were approaching the patch a little boy across the way yelled 
'that doggie looks like Charlie the Ranch Dog!' 
The highest of compliments for Floyd! 
Floyd was honored, I was honored and now I think Floyd and Charlie really need to meet.

After his semi famous encounter, we continued to drag Floyd around and make him pose with Fall things like the good parents we are.
And then Floyd helped me with something he thought I had on my face.
And that wraps up our yearly visit to the patch, better late than never.
Plus know maybe our pumpkins will last longer!

P.s. did you see the Cards for Canines giveaway?


Robyn B said...

so much fun! Charlie's twin!
and how in the world do you get him to pose for pictures?! our basset runs away as soon as we back up to take the picture lol

Anne said...

Celebrity lookalike! I love it. And same thing with wrestling a toddler and pumpkins...which is why I don't have any.

Bri said...

Phew! So glad you guys made it to the pumpkin patch in time! ;) And how is he the cutest ever?!?

Kait said...

Floyd! You handsome devil...