Total Basset Case: Beauty Winners 2015

Dec 29, 2015

Beauty Winners 2015

As I think back on the year I have determined that 2015 was the year of beauty products for me (and other more meaningful things but that's a different post ;) ).

I have always loved products, make up, hair products, etc. but now I feel like now I have finally found items that I really, really love and work for me.  

Here they no particular order.

Beauty Winners

Philosophy Purity Face Wash : I was given a sample of this and immediately ordered the full size.  I have always heard good things about this face wash but never pulled the trigger on it.  I felt like it immediately made my face clearer and smoother, even after only a couple of uses.

Organix Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo : I used to have very thick hair as a child...that has somehow gone away and now I just have a LOT of fine hair.  Its not as fun BUT this shampoo is helping plus it smells heavenly.  

Drybar Triple Sec :  I've sung my praises of Drybar and how everything there smells AMAZING and on top of that I love this product.  Its like dry shampoo on crack.  Get it. Now. 

Lorac To Go Palette :  This may be my favorite product of the year.  Mainly because its multiple products in one.  One side is bronzer (perfect color, not shimmery) and two blushes.  The opposite side holds 6 perfectly colored and very usable eyeshadows.  The shadows are thick and pigmented perfectly.  And to top it off, this is the perfect palette for traveling.  It has almost everything you need in one compact area.  

Benefit Gimme Brow : Thankfully I have brows that do not need filled in.  The downside of that is that they are all over the place.  To be frank, they needed tamed.
Recently I was at the Benefit Brow Bar attempting to get them under control and they suggested this product.  I am so glad they really helps keep them in place all day long.  I heard NYX makes a similar product I want to try out next. 

Clinique Pop Lip Color Cherry Pop : I first heard about this lipstick on Ms. Gold Girl's YouTube channel (PSA- watch her videos she has the best reviews and tips) and I picked some up and am in love.  This is the lip color I have on in our Christmas photos.  Word to the wise, it will stain basset snouts...oops.  

NYX Butter Lip Gloss : I have a few of these lip glosses love them.  They are pigmented and stay on for a long time...and not too sticky, a major winner in the my book.  

Morocaanoil Hair Spray :  The salon I to go uses Morocannoil products and I am OBSESSED with the smell.  My mom recently picked up this hair spray for me and between the smell and performance I am in love.  The spray holds well but keeps your hair flexible...ideal.

So there it is! What were your beauty winners this year?


Courtney said...

I have so many of these on my favorites for the year, too - I had forgotten what a great product Purity is! I got the Drybar Triple Sec in my stocking and I can't wait to see how it compares to Bumble and Bumble.

Ashley Robyn said...

I am a huge fan of the purity face wash. There is nothing that makes my skin feel quite as smooth. I am interested to try the Triple Sec. I need that in my life.

Anne said...

Ooh I am just working on some beauty resolutions/improvements for the new year so this is really helpful to see!

Kait said...

I have the gin & tonic, but have never used it! You've inspired me!