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Dec 21, 2015

Lately : December

Life has been all sorts of holiday craziness as of late and what better to catch you up on this than with a photo collage of a big ol iPhone dump?!

Left to to bottom
1.  My favorite Lacelet ladies opened up a new studio space and it is awesome.  And they are killin it.  Constantly super proud of them. 
2.  Our work Christmas party called for ugly sweaters so we got busy one night with a some wine and lots of scrap fabric.  Sadly I came in second...
3.  Mister and I celebrated our 16 year (dating) anniversary with champagne and Floyd on the was perfect. 
4.  It was slow and steady but I ran 6 miles last weekend which is the furthest I have gone in a long, long time.  It felt pretty great.  In shorts and a t shirt nonetheless, in the middle of December!
5.  Floyd really loves squishing himself into our pillows and going back to bed.
6.  We went to Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati was so so beautiful and Christmas magical. It was, however, not full of animals :(
7.  Alexis left me the sweetest surprise last week for finishing up the class I took this semester (any getting an 'A'! whoop!) because she's the best neighbor and friend you could ask for.   I cannot wait to dive into that adult coloring book.
8.  I made this bang bang shrimp (with a few alterations) on Friday and it is definitely entering our dinner rotation.
9.  Sunday night we took Floyd to look at Christmas lights and for a puppacino.  He was stoked.  We rounded Sunday out with a virtual secret Santa exchange with our besties Casey and Eric and Kait and was fabulous! 

Hope everyone has the MOST fabulously wonderful Christmas week!
Merry Christmas to you all!! 


Kait said...

You have had such a busy December missy! We loved exchanging with you guys!!!! :) expect another package ASAP - I swear sometimes my mind is missing a fuse 🙈

Bri said...

Nothing better than champagne and sleep puppy cuddles...And that shrimp looks bangin! ;)

Anne said...

A virtual Secret Santa exchange? Brilliant and so fun. Love the "ugly" sweater (in quotes because actually it's really fun) and double love the long run!