Total Basset Case: Dinner Winners

Jan 20, 2016

Dinner Winners

I love Pinterest as much as the next girl but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to me.  
It is by far one of my favorite resources for recipes, work outs and hairstyles.
Recently I have been heading to Pinterest more and more for recipes and meal planning above anything else.  Especially now that I have an iPad Mini that I love (thanks Mom!!), it has made perusing and pinning SO much easier.  

The more I was pinning, the more I was getting overwhelmed with my 'Let's Eat' board.  It was becoming a mish mash of dinner recipes, treats to bake for friends and snacks to have around the house.  I would search and search for a dinner idea I knew I had pinned and become frustrated I couldn't find it.
Then it dawned on me...why don't I make a separate board for dinner ideas I know that we've tried and loved? That way, if I am in a hurry or failed to make a meal plan, I know right where to find some of our favorites.  
And that is how Dinner Winners was shattering I know.   But hey, it's making my life easier and now I have delicious recipes to share with you! 
Did you know Pinterest has a feature that you can move pins to different boards?  Or am I the last one to know this...

In no particular order, here are some recent favorites at our house.  
Zesty Sriacha Shrimp and Quinoa - I would lessen the soy sauce in this one

Bacon Lime and Sweet Potato - we add cubed chicken to this and sometimes leave out the bacon.
Butternut squash, chicken and quinoa soup - this is even better the next day! 
Zucchini Corn and Quinoa Bowls - we added ground turkey to this mixture
Chipotle Turkey Quinoa Chili - also better the next day.  Very thick and hearty!
One Pot Paleo Chicken Curry Stir Fry - so delicious and quick!
These are just a few that are on our weekly rotation around here.

Have you been pinning anything delicious lately?


Kait said...

I need to make the zucchini corn and quinoa bowls!

Bri said...

These look delicious! I'm always looking for great new recipes to add into the mix and a good stir fry recipe was one I was on the hunt for...this one looks so good and easy!

Jen said...

I've been looking for some new meal ideas so I'm going to have to try these recipes and check out your new board.

Erin LFF said...

YES! Pinterest def gets overwhelming at times. I now have a "favorite meals" board that I'll move stuff over to once we tried and actually liked it! Keeps it more manageable for sure!