Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Calamity

Feb 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up : Calamity

Do you ever have one of those weeks/weekends/days where you seem to drop any thing you touch or forget everything possible?  That has been my life lately.

Rewind to last Sunday when I went to the grocery and literally forgot just about every single thing I needed.  Mister and I usually go after church and he is very helpful at grabbing things for me.  I clearly was missing my grocery buddy last week because I am not sure what I even came home with.  

Fast forward to Tuesday when I was getting hot water for tea out of the hot water dispenser at work and went to shake my bracelets down (you girls know what I mean, they were stuck in my sleeve) and drove my hand RIGHT under the water.  News flash that water is HOTTT.  This resulted in burning the eff out of my hand.  I'll spare you the photos... 
So if anyone has any great scar removal techniques they want to pass along, those will come in handy soon enough for me.  

Other than that I feel like I tripped on every thing I saw (or didn't see) but thankfully not during my run this weekend.  I met up with a friend and we busted out a great 4.3 miles in the beautifully warm January weather.  

But rewinding to earlier in the weekend, Friday I took a half day and hung out with Mr. Floyd.  It was a glorious beginning to the weekend.  
That evening Mister and I made our favorite homemade Thai pizza and watched Sicario.  

Saturday was a busy day.  I got up early and headed to Pilates and then bootcamp.  Then I had the honor of finally meeting Abby in person.  She is even sweeter in real life and I am so happy we were able to grab coffee and chit chat.  

Saturday night we had a delicious dinner and catch up time with some friends of ours.  
Whenever someone tells me there's steak on the menu I am there in a flash.  

Sunday was all the normal church, grocery, laundry, napping and Sunday night family dinner with the neighbors that I've come to love and cherish.  I finally made Mississippi Roast after every one I know has been talking about lives up to the hype.  Don't waste any time, make it immediately.  

Floyd did a lot of sleeping...
I really enjoy a low key Sunday, it really helps me feel more prepared for the week.  Let's hope this one isn't filled with calamities... 


Brooke Hamilton said...

Sorry about your burn, that sounds horrible! Sadly, I don't have any burn remedies. Also, Abby did such an incredible job on Melvin's cards! I just received them and they turned out so cute!!! Thanks for hosting that giveaway! ;)

Bri said...

Owie to that hot water burn! I hope your hand is feeling better! And Sundays are seriously the best for lazy days..Floyd has the right idea ;)

Erin LFF said...

Ouch to your poor hand!! I would try Vitamin E oil; I've used it on various scars over the years and do feel like it helps. It takes time, but it works!

Kait said...

Okay apparently I need to make a Mississippi roast because you are like the 109th person to tell me about it