Total Basset Case: Beauty Faves

Mar 14, 2016

Beauty Faves

I have recently stumbled upon some new beauty products that are rocking my world.  The only right thing to do is to share those with you, right?

Most of the below items were inspired by watching beauty bloggers on YouTube, which I do a lot of. Which leads to a lot of #youtubemademebuyit
It just happens, I promise.  
So before I get to these magical products, I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorites on YouTube.  If you have any to add to my list, please share! 

Marnie from MsGoldGirl - I love her down to earth style, her range of posts and her honest reviews.  Plus I think I would totally fangirl if I ever met her

Tati - Tati is a new find for me but I am hooked.  Her drugstore hauls are fantastic as are her WTF luxury item reviews.

Jessica from JamBeauty89 - Jessica is just fun and energetic.  I love her honest reviews and she really thinks about her purchases/the makeup she's using and why it's worth it or not.  I really appreciate that.

Kristin Gehm - I am fascinated by Kristin's collection and love her '4 looks 1 palette' videos.  

Erin from Busbee Style - Erin has the most chic style and is a fantastic resource on jazzing up your wardrobe for the upcoming season. 

I have plenty of favorites but those are my top ladies at the moment. 
So now on to what they've 'made' me buy ;)
Beauty faves

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara (in black) : I was using (and talked about) the Benefit version of this but the more I used it, the more I changed my opinion on it.  It became clumpy and seems to be drying up.  I decided to try out the NYX version and like it a lot better, plus its way cheaper.  And has done an excellent job keeping the caterpillars on my head under control.  

Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Primer - I formally used the ELF eyeshadow primer but never really loved it.  It would pull against my eyelids and I didn't like that.  Marnie raves about the Fergie version of this primer but all I could find was the normal.  Regardless, I can see why she loves it.  It works like a  charm and is cheap! I still had a lot of shadow on my lids last weekend after running 8.5 miles, talk about working! 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer - I think it was Jessica who turned me onto this and I am SO glad.  I used to use the baby soft primer but it is very silicone-y and just slides on your face.  This primer actually goes into your skin and really helps your makeup stay on all day. 

And as always I have a constant makeup wish list going on...
Right now at the top of my list is...

Basically anything from Colourpop.  I am constantly hearing about this brand and I am dying to try it.  And it's cheap to boot!
I currently have my eye on these shadows and this satin lipstick.    
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink - I hear this is an exact dupe for the Nars blush we all know and love.  I also want to try their Last Primer, want your mascara to look amazing? Always go with a primer. 


Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I love NYX products, such great price points and great pigment payoffs.

Kait said...

I keep seeing ColourPop on Snapchat *which you need to get* and I'm thinking I need to try it out too!

Unknown said...

I'm going to give the Wet n Wild eyelid primer a shot. I use elf right now and I agree that it pulls on my eyelids and I find it quite sticky but not in a good way.

I have several colourpop products. I really like their lipsticks and lip pencils. I have both the original lippies as well as the ultramatte lips. I haven't tried the new ultra satin ones but I imagine they are pretty awesome as well.
As for their eye shadows and cheek products...they are iffy for me. I cannot seem to apply them with a brush, I have to use my finger. Which isn't that big of a deal for eye shadows but pretty much impossible for cheek products. I have a couple of the shimmery eye shadows that I apply to my lids after all my other eye shadows to add a bit of shimmer but they aren't everyday wear.
Oh, I also use their eyeliner and I love it as well!