Total Basset Case: 8 hours in San Francisco

May 27, 2016

8 hours in San Francisco

After our event filled weekend in Sonoma, we knew we wanted to spend some time exploring San Francisco before our flight out.  The good and bad part of our travel plans was that our flight didn't leave until 10:30pm west coast time, which gave us a lot of time to explore.  The bad was that it was 1:30 am our time...
Regardless, we crammed as much into that time as we could!

We lazed around the hotel a bit and then hit the ground running.  Well, after we stopped at Carls Jr for breakfast burritos and hash rounds because #vacationrules.

Our first stop was Armstrong National Forest for a small hike and to see the redwoods.  Guys, they aren't kidding about those trees.  They are SO tall.  It was amazing.  
The forest was so quiet and peaceful.  I am pretty sure we could have stayed in there all day.  But alas, there was exploring to do!

We then drove up the coast to the small town of Jenner and onto Bodega Bay.  
The drive was gorgeous and we loved the HUGE rocks within the ocean and being able to see the coast.

Next stop, Golden Gate Bridge!  We were able to drive over the bridge on the way to Sonoma but this time we took some time to stop and snap one million photos.  There were plenty of good spots of taking pictures and taking in the scenery.
After the bridge we knew we wanted to hit up Fisherman's Wharf.  
I particularly wanted to see the sea lions, duh.  The bassets of the sea if you will.  I could have sat and watched them all day long.  They were SO funny and so similar to basset attitudes.
Fisherman's Wharf was was a little touristy and busy for me but I can see the appeal.

For lunch Mister and I each indulged because #vacationrules.
Mister had this...
Yes that would be a brownie with salted caramel fudge ice cream rolled in heath bar bits.

And I had...
In n Out, DUH.  It's a rule when you see In n Out you HAVE to get it.  

We then hightailed to Ghiradelli Square for a quick look (and smell).

We really wanted to see Lombard Street as well so that was our next stop.  While we didn't have time to drive down it, it was fascinating to see.  
All of the streets in San Francisco seem to crazy (SO steep) but this one definitely takes the cake.  Well that and the ones that took as back to the airport that had us going uphill at 45 degrees.

After that whirlwind, it was time to head to the airport.
There was plenty more we wanted to do and see so we are for sure planning a trip back one day!

And that's how you do a whirlwind trip through San Francisco!


Kait said...

I have never had In and Out, but so many people rave about their Animal Fries! I love the photo of you and Mister by the bridge. I WOULD say it's a Christmas card contender but Baby BassetCase will be here by then!!

Bri said...

In N Out is always a must! So glad you had a great day exploring the city!