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May 18, 2016

Baby Time : Details

We can not thank everyone enough for their support, love and multitude of congratulations of our news on Monday.  We received the sweetest messages, texts, emails and general love all around!

I have been getting a few of the same questions so I thought I would wrap those up in one post for everyone.

Are we finding out gender? : YES.  Have you met me?  Planning is my middle name
What does Floyd think? :  Well, right now he's fine but it will certainly be a transition for him BUT we are SO excited to see him be a big brother.  
Which room will be the baby's room? : We haven't quite told Floyd yet but his room will be.  He does know we've been spending more time in there so I think he's getting suspicious.
Or ticked off...
Have you done any shopping yet? : DUH.  I can't help myself.  Granted a lot of it is gray and white, but there were some tiny items that just NEEDED to be purchased.  
How do you feel? : Thankfully so far so good! There have been moments that weren't great but nothing that wasn't tolerable.  I am, however, sleepy.  Mister can attest to that one.
Are you still running? : Yes! As much as I can! I was able to go to the gym all throughout the first trimester and plan to keep that up as much as possible.  I try to run as often as I can (this weather isn't helping) and although its slower, I am still enjoying it.
Any cravings? : Nothing too crazy but I do want a Blizzard but that's really nothing new.  I always want one of those.  I am really craving Jets Pizza.  That is hopefully in my future soon.  


Flannery said...

Many congratulations to you and Mister. :) I'm 23 weeks and I've been working out and running throughout my pregnancy thus far. I've definitely gotten slower and recently had to invest in a belly support band for running but I've felt pretty great. I was a tired zombie in the first trimester but I switched from evening to morning workouts and that was a total game changer. Woo hoo! So exciting!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...


How did I miss this exciting news! Congratulations to you, Mister and Big Brother Floyd! This is so exciting. :D

I craved Blizzards too -- and Taco Bell which I normally loathe unless I am pregnant, apparently.

Mary Leigh said...

Congratulations! My energy started coming back in the second trimester, so hopefully yours will, too! What a fun time!

Brianne Bracco said...

Floyd is going to make THE best big brother!

Kait said...

Hooray for continuing to workout and run!! I'm so excited for you guys :)

Megan Gulau said...

I love Jets and DQ blizzards so..... Just sayin if you want some company ...... ;)

Because of Jackie said...

Congrats to you! What an exciting time! Enjoy every second of it (even the crazy parts;)

Denise Wertenberger said...

First pregnancy cravings: All things Italian.
Second pregnancy cravings: Things beginning with "A". Apples, Anchovies, etc. 😊
So glad that you are feeling good!

Anne said...

Haha totally the same here on Blizzards. ANY time in life that someone mentions one, I NEED one, so I never thought it counted as a "pregnancy" craving. And now I'm having one...

Nice that you've been able to keep up the running! My pace definitely slowed right away (out of necessity and out of care for the little peanut), but I continued with it as long as I could because I really felt like it helped me feel better and more me throughout. Most certainly feel free to ask away if you have questions :)

This is all so fun to read! Yay!

Erin LFF said...

Still SO exited for you guys! :) Glad to hear you've been feeling good overall- tired was really my main symptom in the first trimester too! Can't wait for you to find out if you're having a boy or girl!

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