Total Basset Case: Bumpdate : Weeks 13-15

Jun 10, 2016

Bumpdate : Weeks 13-15

We're just crusin right along into the second trimester around these parts!
I can't believe we are almost to week 16 already!
Considering we've known since about 4 weeks, it seems like the past 12 weeks have gone SO fast but also I can remember the day we found out like yesterday.

For your bump pleasure....
Week 13 (baby goes to San Fran!)             Week 14                            Week 15 (I swear there's a bump there, that black dress is working magic)
(I decided to forgo the weekly white t shirt idea.  It was stressing me out and at this point, I'm good with minimal stress triggers.)

Due date : November 25th 
Baby size : Lemon, peach and avocado
Gender : Sooooooon ;)
Cravings : We FINALLY had Jets.  And it was amazing.  There will be more Jets in the future.  Lately its been smoothies and ALL the watermelon.  And cheese and crackers.
Aversions : This is getting better...still can't stand the thought of kale (no idea why) but thankfully coffee sounds slightly better.
Maternity clothes : I picked up some goodies over Memorial Day thanks to a great Old Navy/Gap sale but haven't worn anything yet.  Most excitingly, a good friend loaned me a ton of her adorable maternity clothes so I am very excited about that!
Best thing so far : Talking about names and if we think we will have a mini mister or missy around the house :)
Looking forward to : Finding out the gender...
Work outs : I have finally felt like running more lately so I've been doing a lot of that.  By running I mean run/walk.  I've been going about 3.5 miles lately, hoping to up that a little soon. 
Sleep : Well now that I have my magical pillow, wanting to get out of bed is quite the struggle. 
Movement : Felt some flutters/hiccups last week! It took me about half a day to figure out what it was but once I did, it was very exciting!
Nursery : Waiting on the gender but we've started thinking about the transitions and creative storage solutions that room will need.
Mood : Still doing well! Can't complain! 

Next week look for a wrap up of my first trimester essentials.  Hint, it includes a lot of ginger ale.


Allison said...

Finding out the gender is so fun!!!!! So excited for you friend. And yay for sales on maternity clothes and getting them passed along. I lived in borrowed maternity clothes!!!

The Lady Okie said...

Exciting! You really started feeling stuff early! So fun :)

Kait said...


Anne said...

Minimal stress triggers... good to know yourself :) And there most definitely could be worse aversions than kale - that one cracked me up. Feeling movement already is SO exciting! Glad to hear you're doing well.