Total Basset Case: Natural Balance Delectable Delights : Floyd's Verdict

Jun 13, 2016

Natural Balance Delectable Delights : Floyd's Verdict

 As much as Floyd generally LOVES to eat, there are days that he wants nothing to do with his food.
I would say about once a week he skips breakfast and doesn't eat anything until after his evening walk.  On the flip side, some days he has no interest in dinner.
I'm not sure how or why he does it but as a mama, I'm of the opinion people (and pets!) need to eat!

I do wonder sometimes if he's grown tired of his food or if I simply did not put enough coconut oil on it that time.
OR if he's been at Grandma's recently and has been spoiled with some extras on his bowls of food, he tends to hold out on us...

While perusing PetSmart recently, thinking of his issue with not always wanting to eat, I came across Natural Balance Delectable Delights.  I knew within .5 seconds of spotting these that Floyd would be in heaven if I brought some home.
Moreover, I was happy upon spotting these because after reading the label I knew these were made with wholesome, grain free ingredients.  That makes for one happy mama!
So brought them home I did. Duh!
I choose Fish n Chips and Duck-en itas for my favorite basset hound.
When it's nice out or on the weekends, Floyd prefers to have his breakfast on the porch.  You may think I am joking but he will wait on the porch for me to bring his food out.  The man knows what he wants!
So last weekend that is just what we did.  We had breakfast on the porch.  With a little extra something.

He did not know what surprise was in for him.

But boy was he glad when he figured it out!
I had a strong feeling Floyd would love the Delectable Delights but I didn't know quite how much he would love them.
When I say he devoured them, he straight inhaled his breakfast.
  He then continued to lick his bowl over and over again.  Yes, his ears are ALWAYS in his food and water bowl.
Then he continue to walk back inside and stare at me with a look in his eyes that said, 'yes mama, I would rike some more of dat prease'.

So the verdict on these yummy new delights was a resounding two paws up from this house!
He wanted to me tell all of you doggie mamas out there that you should probably head to PetSmart and pick up Natural Balance Delectable Delights for your furbabies....

Shhhh don't tell him but I have a few more for next time he isn't interested in his meal. 

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Karen Cooper said...

I love the name of your blog and I just want to hug sweet Floyd! I love that he dines on the porch!!