Total Basset Case: Lake Life

Jul 18, 2016

Lake Life

We had the pleasure of heading up to the Michigan/Indiana border this weekend and visiting our friends at their lake house.  
(P.s check out Kady's Etsy shop, she makes the most adorable items, Little Mister will be fantastically dressed!)
We have been counting down to this past weekend for a long, long time.
One of Mister's most happy places is to be on the lake, on a boat, on a tube, on jet ski or just generally being in the sun.  
The boys had so much fun you could hear them laughing across the lake.

Floyd was loving life sniffing his absolute heart out.  
If we would have let him, he would have sniffed the entire lake perimeter. 
When he wasn't sniffing, Floyd was using the dock as his own personal runway with a built in fan.
It was a doggie filled weekend, though Floyd did not understand Tucker's love for fetching his ball from the lake.
And when we weren't playing with dogs, we were waiting on this plate of deliciousness to come out of the smoker.
Oh. My. Lanta.  I wish I could describe to you how amazing that brisket was.  I think we were all drooling along with the dogs.

By Sunday morning, Floyd was lake-d OUT.

All in all, it was a great weekend filled with sun, good friends, laughter and lots of doggie snuggles...perfection.


Kait said...

Wait a second you mean to tell me DAT DAWG goes into the water? No fank you.

Anonymous said...

Aww Floyd is so cute! We have a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen who would love to visit that lake (she is obsessed with water). Looks like a lovely weekend x