Total Basset Case: Grocery Games

Aug 31, 2016

Grocery Games

Seeing as how going to the grocery is part of our weekly routine, it is essential that we have a few tricks up our sleeve that make that trip go quicker.

Normally we head to the grocery directly from church on Sundays.  I love it because by about 11am we are done with church and grocery and have the rest of the day ahead of us!
Which leads directly into my first tip
1.  Time your trip - Like I said we are generally at the store early in the day on Sundays.  This time is FAR better than Sundays after noon or even past 5.  If we've been traveling that weekend and I end up at the store anytime after 5 it is almost pointless to go.  Our groceries are about 60% produce and by that time of the evening they usually do not have what I need or it looks terrible.  So if you can I suggest earlier in the day or if you are lucky and can go during the week, that is ideal!

2.  Ibotta - I've shared my love for coupons before and that is still going strong.  Especially when Kroger sends me coupons for the exact things I buy.  I fully know what they are doing but hey, I'll take it!  The other lifesaver lately has been the Ibotta app.  This app searches groceries and various other stores (think Costco, Target, Gap) and gives you cash back for items you are already purchasing.  All you have to do it scan the item and scan you receipt.  Once you reach $20 in savings, you get a payout.  How easy is that?!  If you want to try this genius app out for yourself, check it out here and you will automatically get $10 in your account.  You will be halfway there! 

3.  Reusables - As I said, the majority of our buggy is full of produce.  This equals a lot of plastic bags.  My neighbor mentioned to me that she found these great reusable produce bags and I was sold.  These things are genius and do not create the unnecessary waste that plastic bags do.  I've even run these through the washer (not dryer) when they get a little dirty and they turned out great.   

4.  Make a list - I know this one is pretty common knowledge but it is vital!  I prefer to head to the store with a meal plan and a list but some days it doesn't work out quite like that and we end up making a list in the parking lot.  Regardless, if I don't make a list, the whole trip is a lost cause.  Especially with pregnancy brain...
I will often use my coupons too as a mental reminder of what is on my list or coupons I need to use up before the expire.  

5.  Take a buddy - Because we go after church, Mister and I are generally at the store together.  This is a lifesaver!  With our list in hand, Mister is a saint and usually grabs everything on the opposite end of the store.  This helps our trip to the store go a million times faster.  

Now I'm off to meal plan for the next couple of weeks!
Any good recipes you've had lately or any grocery tips we need to implement? 


Courtney said...

I've been thinking about trying Ibotta - does it take forever to rack up enough to cash out?

Kait said...

I just learned about Ibotta! Do you make a lot?